The Ultimate Guide to Using Grammarly On Mac OS

Grammarly… we all have heard this name. It is the ultimate grammar and spelling checker for MacBook and Windows users across the world. It is also capable of running reports and scanning documents for plagiarism which adds to its diversity as a software. 

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What Does Grammarly Do?

It is a tool used for composing and fixing mistakes related to spelling, sentence structure, and grammar. Overall, the main functions of Grammarly can be highlighted with five points. The first purpose is grammar and punctuation. Adding on, the second point is highlighted as the spell checker, the third point is plagiarism and the last point is composing style.

Who Can Take Help From Grammarly?

Grammarly can be used by several individuals, such as authors, academics, blog writers, copywriters, company specialists, trainees, and emerging writers.

How to download it?

In order to download the Grammarly app for Mac OS, go on their web-based platform. After that, click on the “Apps” option present in the toolbar on the left side of the website. After clicking on the option, the mac OS option will be visible. After this step, the application will be visible for downloading like other programs. The Grammarly app is small in size, so it will take on a few minutes to download. The next step is to shift the downloaded file to the folder of applications.

How To Use the Application?

After the Grammarly application is downloaded, users will be given a tutorial of 5 parts. The tutorial will inform the users on how the application works on Mac OS. After the tutorial ends, users will be headed over to the login page.

Users have the option to sign up or login depending on whether they have an account previously or not. The application will present users with several options on the left side, and the documents will be visible on the right. Adding on, options for uploading, importing, and adding more documents are present in the middle. 

By zooming out of the application, users will be visible to the upgrade option present on the left side of the screen. Any updates for the application will be done by clicking on the option. On the upper left side of the application, there is an option for adding new text. The lower left side has the settings and preferences; this site can help users change the font size to set a word count.

How To Edit and Check Grammar on Mac OS?

Once users open a document on the app, they can see insights present on the upper right side. Critical issues are colored red, and the advanced edits are highlighted as yellow. Adding on, the writing assistant of the application helps users edit and overcome critical and advanced issues with their writing. Meaning, suggestions are provided to change them accordingly. In the end, users end up with a document that is grammatically correct and does not have spelling errors.

The critical issues are highlighted red because they are necessary to develop and fix. As it directly impacts the quality of the paper, and how easily people will be able to read it. On the other hand, the issues highlighted in yellow have to do with style. For example, wordy or run-on sentences will be marked yellow. Fixing advanced issues adds to the style and popularity of the work.

The Grammarly application also has a third insight option, which is clarity. This directly improves the overall writing of the paper because long words and the use of passive voice are fixed. Adding on, users can notice tiny blue dots in the application as well, by clicking on it they can be provided with unique synonyms. This can greatly improve the quality of the work.

Grammarly Report Section

This second contains the writing assistant, which will summarize the quality of your work. For instance, your report can be compared with other users on the platform. This also has a readability report, which tells users how easy to read their work is. In this manner, users become better writers. Furthermore, there is also a section for setting goals. There, options are available for the users to choose what priority they want help with.

Detecting Plagiarism on Grammarly

In the lower right side of the writing assistant, users can find the writing option. From there, users can open the Grammarly plagiarism checker. The report can be formed within 30 seconds, and it tells you the amount of plagiarism present in the document. Ideally, the report should indicate plagiarism of less than 3%.

How To Uninstall Grammarly from Mac

In case of users wanting the uninstall the Grammarly application, they can simply open the application folder on the mac, and click on “move to trash”. After this, users should click on the “go” option and chose the “go-to folder command”. 

From there, they should type ~/Library/, and delete the Grammarly folder present. After this, the file will be deleted permanently from the Mac OS. 

How To Utilize Grammarly on Mac

Here are a few ways that can make Grammarly a part of your Mac so you can use it to its maximum potential. 

Grammarly For Microsoft Word on Mac

It is possible to connect the Grammarly application to Microsoft Word on Mac OS. To do that, users have to open a blank document on Microsoft Word. After which, they have to open the insert menu and dress on the “Get Add-ins” or “store” option. 

The next step is to type the word “Grammarly” in the search option, and the users have to press enter. This will open up a listing for Grammarly, where the users have to press Add next to the Microsoft Word option. Hence, the next step is to open the word document and search for the Grammarly tap in the toolbar. 

After this is done users have to click on the open Grammarly option in the toolbar. As a result, Microsoft Word will get access to Grammarly and edit any grammar and spelling mistakes for you. 

Grammarly for Microsoft PowerPoint

Similar to Microsoft Word, Grammarly can also be used for Microsoft PowerPoint. This will make sure that your presentations are free from any grammar and spelling errors. This includes unclear sentences, commas, irregular words, and other related grammar mistakes. 

Upon visiting the Grammarly web page, users can find options for app add-ons. One of which includes Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this a Grammarly account is required. After making an account, users are advised to open the PowerPoint and add information, which the Grammarly extension will edit accordingly. 

Grammarly For Mac Mail

Grammarly can be a useful application while sending emails on Mac OS. The Grammarly application can be used to write well-structured emails, that are free from any spelling and grammatical errors. 

To do this the Grammarly application has to be linked with your email. That requires installation of the Grammarly browser extension, which is enabled for chrome, edge, firefox, and safari. The extension makes sure that all the emails sent are mistake-free. 

Further adding on, if users are using Microsoft Outlook, they can directly access Grammarly edits by linking Microsoft Word with Grammarly. The steps to connect Grammarly with Microsoft word were highlighted in a previous paragraph. 

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly also offers Grammarly premium in Mac OS. This option provides extensive and quick suggestions for the improvement of writing. In this manner, the work becomes more accurate and clear. This update also lets users compose the feedback in accordance with specific genres of writing. This includes official, casual, and other related styles. Adding on, writing goals can be set based on the intent, which refers to the motivating factor behind describing the story. 

The next factor is the audience, who can either be basic or expert level. Adding on, the style goal refers to either official or informal style. While feeling respects moderate or strong levels. Further adding on, domain goals can be scholastic, technical, or company. Based on all these goals, the premium version can provide editing and formatting tips. Such actions will ensure good writing and results. 

How To Use the Grammarly Tool on Mac?

The Grammarly application on Mac OS can be used in a variety of ways. The first option requires users to copy-paste their posts to the app. Accordingly, the proof of the application reads the document and checks it for grammar and spelling. 

Adding on, the other option is to import a Microsoft Word file onto the Grammarly application. This saves the time required for copy pasted information. Another potential step is to write directly on the application. In this manner, the word is edited as the users’ type. Similar to this, the Grammarly application can also be extended to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and in this manner, the work can be edited while the users are typing.

The Plagiarism Detector

The Grammarly application on Mac OS also contains a plagiarism detector. This can be helpful when users are writing academic work or peer-reviewing documents. In addition, it can also be useful for content creators and online bloggers. 

As, they may have copied work from online sources, and want to make sure it is not considered plagiarized. In addition, while doing research work students cite sources, but it is also important to make sure the similarity index is low.

How Expensive Is Grammarly on Mac OS?

There is two versions, the basic one is free, and you have to pay a few bucks for the premium one. Currently, the premium membership for Grammarly on a monthly basis is $ 29.95. While the expense for a premium account on a quarterly basis is $19.98. It can be billed together as one payment of $59.95. 

The annual membership is regarded as $11.66 on a monthly basis, which comes under one bill of $139.99. If individuals cannot afford the premium version, the free variation is available for everyone and can be accessed easily.

Is Grammarly Compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, Grammarly is compatible with Mac OS because the application can be downloaded, and it can also be linked with applications present in the Mac OS. Or you can use the desktop version on your browser. 


To sum it all up- Grammarly for mac OS is an application that is regarded as the ultimate grammar and spelling checker. It corrects grammar and punctuation, spells checker, composing, and plagiarism. This app can be used by academics, students, and bloggers along with many other potential users that aim to improve their writing skills. 

The application can be easily downloaded from the web-based program, after which it can be utilized for editing documents. The application can also be linked with other sections in the Mac OS, such as pages, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, pages, and mac email.

While editing, the document highlights the critical mistakes in red, clarity mistakes in blue and style mistakes in yellow. Accordingly, users can identify the mistakes and fix them. The application also allows users to check their plagiarism reports, and extra benefits can be provided by opting for Grammarly premium. The prices of Grammarly premium vary from the month, quarterly and annual basis, but it provides great value for its price.

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