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Grammar Lookup, Free Passive Voice Checker

When it comes to hitting the nail right while writing – you have to focus on a lot of things. For example, using an active voice is capable of making your piece more readable. On the other hand, passive voice makes the writing harder to comprehend.

But a lot of writers struggle to maintain an active voice throughout their writing. Therefore, tools have been created to guide emerging writers on how to avoid passive voice. Grammar Lookup is a leading tool in this domain.

What is Grammar Lookup Software?

The Grammar Lookup website incorporates artificial intelligence to correct and highlight your passive voice errors. In this manner, users can proofread their text for any possible errors.

Many students with lengthy assignments are unable to proofread for passive voice due to shorter deadlines. Professionals can save a lot of time (and get more work done) with the help of an AI passive voice checker tool. Although passive voice mistakes are normal, they can affect the style of the sentence.

How To Use the Grammar Lookup Software?

The layout of grammar lookup is a piece of cake. You just need to follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Grammar Lookup website
  2. Click on the option of passive voice checker
  3. Copy and paste your text into the passive voice checker
  4. Click on the check button below the passive voice checker editor.
  5. Wait for a few seconds
  6. All the grammar, spelling, puncatuion, style, and passive voice errors will be highlighted
  7. Change the sentence structure to active accordingly
  8. Deep Check: Trying our patner software for free will aid the writer more in fixing the passive voice errors.
  9. In this manner, writers will gain help in fixing their grammatical and passive voice errors.

Other Passive Voice Checkers

Because of the increased demand, there are so many similar software that people use to proofread their articles. For example, Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, Hemingway App, White Smoke, etc. 


The unpaid version of Grammarly simply highlights the passive voice issues. However, the paid version will highlight and introduce suggestions for improvements. The Grammarly software is able to stay on at all times. Meaning, it can scan your passive voice misuse on any website. This further helps the user with proofreading and fixing their grammatical errors.

Pro Writing Aid

This software also comes with a paid and premium version. However, both of them are able to check for passive voice. This tool highlights the misuse of passive voice and also provides users with possible corrections. They simply have to click on the better option provided, and the passive voice misuse is corrected.

Hemingway App

The best free passive voice checker is the Hemingway App. It does not require any form of purchasing. Adding on, it is able to highlight all the passive voice sentences. Users are advised to scan through the highlighted sentences and change them accordingly. Users are asked to copy their content onto the website and take the required actions.

White Smoke

White Smoke is online software that checks passive voice and grammar for emerging writers. It has compatibility with several devices and extends to Microsoft Office as well. In fact, it extends to all Microsoft suites. It is capable of reducing the misuse of passive voice and also helps users translate content into other languages. In this manner, this tool helps with international writing.

This tool not only checks passive voice but also makes individuals stronger writers. This tool highlights all the grammar-based errors in messages that are color-coded. Meaning, the spelling mistakes are highlighted in the color red, and other mistakes are highlighted in different colors.

What Makes Grammar Lookup So Good?

While there are plenty of websites that are similar to grammar lookup, here are some reasons that make it stand out from the crowd AND add value to your life.

Improved Academic Performance

Passive voice is an error that is looked upon in academia. Hence, the Grammar Lookup software helps out students and professional writers too. It will help to improve your writing style and the overall look of your academic papers. This tool is also capable of teaching users how to fix their writing issues.

A well-researched paper can go to waste if people find unnecessary grammar mistakes while reading. Grammar lookup will save time and effort while you proofread so that extra time is used during the research and writing process.

Perfect Fix

The Grammar Lookup software is also a perfect fit for all passive voice errors. This tool aims to remove any blunders from the document. The errors can be big or small and in any dialect. Grammar Lookup not only points out big and small passive voice errors but is also able to do it for many languages and dialects. 

You will not have to worry about the dialect or any other thing, the AI is smart enough to get the job done.

Simple Software

It is a known fact that the best software’s are easy to use. This means that anyone can use them, despite knowing very little about the world of technology. This tool provides a hassle-free service and is user-friendly. Users simply have to copy-paste the text to check their passage for passive voice.

You will not have to wait for any sign-ups and other complications, just open the site and you will be good to go. It can be accessed from any device – be it PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Reviews for Grammar Lookup

According to users, Grammar Lookup is one of the best online tools for grammar and passive voice checking. Grammar Lookup can check passive voice, sentences, phrases, grammar, and punctuation.

As a result, individuals in academia can benefit. In addition, individuals who write essays, dissertations, business letters, and other related documents also benefit from it. In that case, people who know but make grammatical errors benefit the most from this software.

The reviews also state that this software is easy to use and is useful for both British and American English. It is also mentioned that users can choose the tone of their writing, such as formal, funny, informal, strong, analytical, etc. Hence, most of the reviews for this software were positive.

The positive reviews indicate that users should opt for the premium version of Grammar Lookup. It provides additional benefits and directly guides users on how to fix their passive voice misuse. Passive voice is looked down on in the grammar community, so users aiming to improve their writing style should get the premium version as well.

To Sum It All Up

The Grammar Lookup website serves as an excellent passive voice checker. It can be used by writers and students to improve their quality of writing. As passive was an error that is looked down on in the grammar community. 

This tool is simple and easy to use, meaning anyone can use it easily. As a result, it generally has good reviews and serves both British and American English.

If users are not satisfied with the performance of Grammar Lookup they can opt for alternate sources. Some of the named examples include Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, Hemingway App, White Smoke. They provide paid and premium versions and are able to successfully fix passive voice misuse.

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