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Ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation like this?

You write something and hit ‘send,’ only to later discover it’s full of punctuation mistakes. Super annoying, right? Missed commas, off periods, and awkward dashes – they’re easy to overlook.

Correct punctuation in your writing matters! It makes your writing clear and easy to follow. Without proper punctuation, your readers will end up being confused, and they may never read anything written by you again. And punctuation marks are more than just making your writing smoother; they connect with the emotions of your readers. They help your readers know how to react when they encounter an exclamation mark or what it means when they see a comma. 

Punctuation checker

GrammarLookup’s free punctuation checker instantly catches all punctuation errors 

This free grammar checker helps you catch and correct common punctuation errors, making writing a lot less stressful. 


Often the simplest punctuation, but a misplaced period can change the meaning entirely. Is your sentence really complete?

Question Marks?

Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not? When adding a question within a statement, the placement can be tricky.


It’s all about ownership: the dog’s bone, two weeks’ notice. But where exactly does the apostrophe go?


The most used (and often misused) punctuation in English. A comma can change the rhythm and meaning of a sentence, so where should it go?

Colons & Semi Colons 

Colons introduce, semicolons connect. What to use when?

Exclamation Points!

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it! Are you using exclamation points for impact or overdoing it?

Hyphens and Dashes

Short and long — each has its place. Are you confusing hyphens with dashes?


Often used for “and/or” situations, dates, and fractions – but are you using slashes correctly in every context?


Perfect for showing hesitation or trailing off… but are you using too many or too few dots?

Quotation Marks

“Quotation marks” frame direct speech and titles. Are yours in the right place?

How Does GrammarLookup’s Punctuation Checker Work?

GrammarLookup’s punctuation checker is super user-friendly. As you type or paste the text, it scans your writing in real-time, looking out for any punctuation errors. This tool understands the context of your sentences, so it can suggest the right punctuation to make your message clearer. If it spots something off, it’ll highlight it and offer a correction. All you have to do is click to accept the change.

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Why Use GrammarLookup’s Free Punctuation Checker 

Instantly Corrects Punctuation Errors

GrammarLookup’s punctuation checker quickly finds and highlights punctuation errors, making it easy to see where you need to fix things. Just a click, and your writing is error-free.

Saves Time

Instead of reading and re-reading your text for punctuation mistakes, GrammarLookup does the work for you. This means you can spend more time on your ideas and less on editing.

Improves Clarity

Correct punctuation is key to clear writing. This checker helps ensure your sentences are well-structured and easy to understand, making your message more effective.

Supports All English Dialects

Supports multiple English variants, from American and British to Australian and more. It understands the unique punctuation rules of each, ensuring your writing is spot-on, whether you’re using ‘color’ or ‘colour’.

punctuation checker example

GrammarLookup is unique and leaves no room for punctuation mistakes because it’s:

AI-powered to instantly correct punctuation errors.

Supports all English language dialects, including American English, British English, Australian English, and more.

100% free to use – no hidden charges, no signup required.

Why Users Love GrammarLookup’s Punctuation Checker

“This is the best free punctuation checker. It helps me get my punctuation right, whether I’m working on essays or research papers. Plus, it’s super easy to use, which is a big plus for a busy student like me!”

– Sarah H

“As a content creator who caters to a global audience, I needed a tool that could handle different English dialects. This punctuation checker is a game-changer. It ensures my punctuation is spot-on, regardless of the English variant I’m using. Highly recommended!”

– Emily M

“This tool is super easy to use and has been a big help with my assignments and emails. It corrects my punctuation and has made my writing better!”

– Mark S

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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