11 Grammarly Alternatives That are Free

If you’re a writer and want to make your writing process as smooth as silk without any pain involved, you might want to get a grammar checker. But perhaps you’ve heard of the most popular one out there, Grammarly, and you were not happy with it.

No worries! You don’t have to give up on grammar checkers at all as there are many brilliant free Grammarly alternatives available. 

Below is a list of 11 Grammarly alternatives that are entirely free in 2023. And you might find some of them much more appealing than Grammarly.

Let’s review free Grammarly alternatives one by one!

11 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives in 2023

1. GrammarLookup.com

GrammarLookup uses artificial intelligence to check for grammar, spelling, and style issues. Its simpler interface and a good database of grammar and punctuation checking abilities make it the best proofreader.

The best thing about this tool is you can use it online without registration. Simply copy and paste the text click the Lookup button and voila! You caught those typos (grammar, spelling, style issues, and more). Now go through each to correct them.

(Don’t worry, you won’t lose formatting while returning text to your original editor like MS Word).

The best free Grammarly alternative is GrammarLookup (it’s 100% FREE).

Access here: Punctuation Checker

Give it a try, and if you like the tool then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and mention it in your blog posts as well

2. SentenceCheckup.com (Free)

Sentence Checkup is another best alternative to Grammarly. It doesn’t require registration or Chrome extension installation. Simply head over to SentenceCheckup and paste the text, click the checkup button, and all possible grammar mistakes in your sentence will be highlighted.

It can also check for sentence structure and fragments to fix mistakes in the context. Simply hover over each word, and you’ll have many options to correct the error.


  • Language Selection: You can choose between British or American English, and it will adopt the style accordingly. The best thing is it can detect excessive word usage to improve the readability of your content.
  • Simple interface: The simple and clean interface makes this grammar checker tool easy to use daily. It doesn’t ask to download a Chrome extension or sign up with email, this saves you time.
  • Completely free: No trial, no text limit. It can be used multiple times.

Access here: Run on Sentence Checker

3. LanguageTool (Free) 

LanguageTool is perhaps one of the best desktop-based grammar checker programs. It has a vast selection of tools and is available on Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Mac. Not only can you use it as a proofreading tool, but you can even use it as a replacement for your phone’s autocorrect, to which LanguageTool might be superior.

You can choose between American English, British English, and Canadian English. The user interface is quite simple; the errors are highlighted and hovering your mouse over the highlighted area gives you many options.

It can also act as your English Tutor because it explains why any grammatical error made is wrong, and there is also a text reader that can help you learn pronunciations.

It also has a rephrase tool that looks for synonyms of words you’ve used in a sentence and changes it completely. This can make your sentences seem richer and well thought out. There is also a language-translation tool for over 40 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.

Access here: LanguageTool

4. ProWritingAid (Free Version)

This tool offers a set of writing styles, making it quite similar to Grammarly. You can choose between various writing styles like blog posting, academic writing, business, or just a simple general writing style.

The tool offers an extension, which is free to use, but the desktop version is paid. But this should meet your requirements for WordPress, emails, or social media posts. 

Some developer tools are available if you want to incorporate the grammar checker into an app.

ProWritingAid is also one of the easiest-to-use grammar checkers. It ensures that your writing isn’t hackneyed, is fresh, and has the correct usage of words.

Access here: ProWritingAid.com

5. Hemingway Editor (Free)

If you want to improve the quality of your writing in terms of readability, then the Hemingway app is probably the best software for this. 

The software gives your text a readability grade and highlights errors in different colors. For instance, red highlighted phrases indicate that the text is incredibly dense and too complex for the reader to follow. When a word is highlighted in purple, there is probably the option to use a shorter and simpler word in its place. Phrases that are highlighted in green show a passive voice. 

The app is available for free on browsers, WordPress, and the Medium editor.

Access here: Hemingway app

6. Ginger Software (Not Recommended!)

Ginger Software does not check grammar errors but its paraphrasing feature also allows you to improve your writing. It offers web-based software, a mobile application, browser extensions, and integration with MS Word to make the grammar-checking process seamless across various platforms and devices. 

Ginger is a decent Grammarly alternative for anyone who wants to develop English skills and enhance their writing. It checks spelling mistakes, grammar errors, punctuation errors, and almost everything that Grammarly does. 

The tool instantly corrects errors and marks them in blue. When you hover over these highlights, explains the correction and offers an option to revert the changes. Additionally, hovering over any word prompts synonym suggestions for it. 

The free version also gives you multiple paraphrasing suggestions for sentences so that you can diversify and enhance your writing. 

All these features make Ginger not only a writing assistant but also a tool to help you improve your English language and writing skills. 

However, you can only check short texts of up to 450 characters with its free plan. For checking longer texts, you’ll need a premium plan. 

The premium plan allows you unlimited sentence rephrasing. Moreover, you can use Ginger Premium across all devices and integrate it with MS Word as well. 

Access here: Ginger Software 

We no longer recommend Ginger Software, Choose any other from the 10 Grammarly alternatives given.

Reason: GingerSoftware is an Israeli-based startup. The funds generated by the company may contribute to the killings of innocent civilians in Palestine!

7. QuillBot (Free)

With a user-friendly interface, QuillBot is another free Grammarly alternative to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. All you have to do is copy and paste the content into the tool, and it will automatically run checks. Errors are underlined, and you can see corrections on the right side of the screen. 

What makes QuillBot unique from other grammar checkers is that it not only checks grammar but also lets you format text and download the edited content as a Word Doc. You can adjust font styles and sizes, bold, italicize, and under the text, change alignment, and set the background color of your choice. It also lets you paraphrase the text.  

QuillBot Grammar Checker supports English, German, Spanish, and French languages. 

Access here: QuillBot

8. Linguix (Free Version)

Linguix is an AI-powered writing tool that works pretty much the same as Grammarly. It comes with a free plan for basic grammar fixes and a premium plan for advanced writing corrections, such as redundancies, confused words, and vocabulary improvements. 

It uses AI to automatically scan the text instantly after you paste it into the designed box. Mistakes are underlined and corrections appear as you click the word. It also gives synonym suggestions when you click on a specific word, making it yet another writing companion. 

The free version of Linguix without sign-up allows you to check basic grammar errors in short texts. For longer pieces, you can sign up and still use the free version. This free version also offers some additional features, including sentence rephrasing and text quality score. You also get text statistics such as length and reading time. 

The premium version of Linguix allows you to add your teams and specify a style guide. This stand-out feature lets brands ensure content consistency as the tool will give feedback to your team based on your style guide and brand voice. It also lets you add AI shortcuts for repetitive text, such as welcome text, invoices, follow-ups, and scheduling. 

Linguix offers a web-based platform and integration with browsers and content management and communication platforms.

Access here: Linguix

9. Reverso (Free Version)

Reverson is not just a grammar checker, but also a translation tool that translates to and from 26 languages, including Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, German, French, and more. 

For grammar check, it supports English, French, Spanish, and Italian. 

The free version only lets you check up to 450 characters and provides basic grammar fixes. It uses AI to automatically fix grammar errors once you paste or type the text. Like many other grammar checker tools, it also helps with sentence paraphrasing and provides synonyms for words. 

You can use its web-based platform or integrate it with Windows, Mac, and MS Word. Its extension supports translation and dictionaries. 

Access here: Reverso

10. Sapling AI (Free) 

This is one of the most accurate Grammarly alternatives that use neural network-based language models for writing assistance. 

The free version catches most basic grammar errors, like pronoun case errors, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and incorrect verbs. It also gives suggestions for better alternatives for specific words and to cut unnecessary words, making your writing clear and flawless.

For more advanced grammar checks like redundancies, writing style, and fluency, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium plan.   

The tool automatically underlines mistakes once you enter the text and gives correction suggestions on hover. 

You can check grammar in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. 

It can seamlessly integrate with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave browsers. Its extension also works with most communication and content management tools, including Gmail, Outlook, MS Office, Slack, Shopify, Trello, and more. This feature makes Sapling AI a decent choice for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Access here: Sapling AI

11. PaperRater (Free)

PaperRater is a web-based grammar and plagiarism checker, specifically made for students and academic professionals. It’s free to use and doesn’t require sign-up, making things easier for you. 

The software checks various types of papers, including essays, theses, business documents, resumes, articles, short stories, and more. It checks spelling and grammar errors, style mistakes, word choices, and more. It highlights mistakes and gives correction options upon hover. 

When checking long texts and papers, it also gives them a grade based on various parameters like grammar, word choice, style, spelling, and more. 

PaperRaters also lets you send the analysis report to your teacher directly from its dashboard. 

The only downside is that the tool is not very accurate. It may miss some obvious grammar mistakes that you’ll have to fix with manual editing or proofreading. 

Access here: PaperRater.com

What’s the Best Free Grammarly Alternative?

If you are still here, it’s probably because you couldn’t decide to go with the sites like Grammarly mentioned in this post.

Here we go again!

You should try Grammarlookup.com, it’s the best Grammarly alternative in terms of checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation (as well as improving style issues). But if you need to check your writing everywhere and are looking for a tool with integration for browsers, email tools, or word processors like Google Docs and MS Word, then go for ProwritingAid or Sapling AI. 

I would not recommend going with Ginger Software and PaperRater as for some sentences, they don’t catch even basic grammar mistakes. If you’re good with grammar but just want to improve your writing readability, go with the Hemingway App.

Do you just want to get a sentence checker? Try Sentence Checker. It can improve your writing by eliminating unnecessary words and improving your sentence, grammar, and punctuation.

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives (Summary)

  1. GrammarLookup (Alternative to the free version of Grammarly).
  2. SentenceCheckup (Free Grammarly alternative)
  3. ProWritingAid (A website like Grammarly)
  4. Hemingway (Best to improve reading)
  5. LanguageTool (Free version of Grammarly)
  6. Ginger Software (A program like Grammarly)
  7. QuillBot
  8. Linguix 
  9. Reverso
  10. Sapling AI
  11. PaperRater


Why do I need an alternative to Grammarly?
While Grammarly is a popular tool for grammar checking, you may be looking for other options due to preferences in the interface, specific features, or exploring free alternatives.

Are all the alternatives mentioned in this blog completely free?
Yes, all the alternatives listed in this post have free versions. Some might offer premium plans with additional features.

How do these alternatives compare to Grammarly in terms of accuracy?
Each tool has its strengths. Some of the alternatives are as accurate as Grammarly, depending on the text and context. For instance, Grammar Lookup, QuillBot, and Sapling AI offer great accuracy. The blog provides an overview of each tool to help you decide.

Can these free Grammarly alternatives be integrated into web browsers like Chrome or Firefox?
Many of the alternatives listed, such as Sapling AI, Linguix, and ProWritingAid, offer browser extensions for popular web browsers. Read the above blog post for more details. 

Do these Grammarly alternatives offer suggestions for different writing styles (e.g., academic, business, casual)?
While some of these tools do offer genre-specific suggestions, others offer specific writing styles. For example, PaperRater is specifically made for students and academic professionals. ProWritingAid also lets you choose between various writing styles like blog posting, academic writing, and business writing. 

Free Grammar And Punctuation Check!

Grammarlookup uses artificial intelligence to check grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing, eliminate spelling errors, and highlight 1000s of style issues to make your writing exceptional.

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  1. SentenceCheckup.com , GrammarLookup are the groups of Grammarly. If you click Deep Check, you can look into it. Same apple in different places !!

      1. i agree with you these guys they say its free then in the middel they charge at least Grammarly has a free part which i have been using for a long time thanks Grammarly for poor people like me

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    1. 32f/USA-I totally agree with you. I am a single mother, in my first year of college, and don’t work so that I can focus on school. I absolutely can not afford Grammarly.

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  4. Haven’t used ’em yet but they all talk about premium features… not a good sign but I can’t judge too much yet!

  5. I find it odd how biased this post is towards Grammarly. You do realize Grammarly lookup and Sentence checkup are different branches of the same branch.
    I don’t have anything against Grammarly but I hate how they feel the need to force payments down your throat. It’s almost like they want you to get pestered into buying their premium plans, Which is quite frankly unorthodox and sickening.

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  8. Bought LT (languageTools) and applied for refund the very same day. The plugin for Word does not work (LT Support: The plug-in does work here.), there are no outlook plugins, no Samsung keyboard plugins exist… Other but in English language, only spellcheck available. So kind of useless spending of money! The same goes for Grammarly! Way too expensive for single language only, where one can get the job done for free on the internet. I really can’t understand who and why are people spending their money on this and why the hell these companies charge that much for last (actually price arrangements is the only logical explanation to me)

  9. Just a thought here. I write ..a lot. Not a pro, but I’m hoping to get there at some point.

    Seems many of these choices have way too friendly cookie demands. I have also read that Grammarly offers no protection from possible plagiarism and is suspected of using posted stories/text. Might be a cool point to consider in your next go around with this subject. As for https://www.grammarlookup.com/ Pleassse! Essentially nothing but a series of ‘please use or remove this comma’! Based on this I can’t be bothered investing time to see what empty benefits the others promise.

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