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Instantly improve your writing by fixing grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more with just one click.

“Ever hit ‘send’ or ‘publish’ only to find a typo or a grammar mistake staring right back at you? I get how embarrassing that can be.

Typos and grammatical errors not only affect the quality of your writing but can also make your credibility questionable. GrammarLookup is a free proofreading tool designed to help writers like you instantly find and correct errors in your text. It helps you polish your writing and make your content error-free before it reaches your audience. 

What is a Proofreading Tool?

Proofreading is the last step in your writing and editing process. This is where you give your document a final eye to check for typos, grammatical errors, and formatting flaws. 

A proofreading tool like GrammarLookup makes the process easy by allowing you to check and correct any mistakes in your writing within a few seconds. As a result, this saves you from embarrassing situations when your reader points out the mistakes rather than focusing on your main ideas.

This online proofreading tool is AI-powered, which means it can read and understand your writing. It uses advanced AI to scan text for errors efficiently.   

How Does GrammarLookUp’s Proofreading Tool Work? 

We’ve made things simple for you. To use this proofreading tool, paste or type the text into the proofreader box above and hit “Check”. GrammarLookup will instantly underline all mistakes in blue. You can click the underlined text to see the suggestions or hit the “Correct” button to correct all highlighted errors at once. 

Why Use GrammarLookup’s Free Proofreading Tool? 

No Signup Needed

You don’t have to enter your email address or personal information to use this online proofreader. Just paste or enter the text in the box above and get instant corrections. 

Uses 200+ Grammar Points 

This proofreading tool uses advanced AI and more than 200 grammar rules to make sure your writing is clear and free of errors.

It’s 100% Free 

GrammarLookup’s proofreading tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or text limitations. You can check unlimited text.

Supports All English Dialects 

Our free proofreader works with all English dialects, like American, British, and Australian, making sure your writing is correct no matter the style.

Examples of some common writing errors GrammarLookup’s proofreading tool can correct: 

Subject-verb agreement: “She write every day” vs. “She writes every day.”

Misplaced or omitted commas: “Let’s eat grandma” vs. “Let’s eat, grandma.”

Commonly confused spelling mistakes: “recieved” vs. “received.”

Similar sounding words: “You’re” vs. “Your”  or “Where” vs. “Were” vs. “We’re.”

Misused or out-of-context words: “He did it on accident” vs. “He did it by accident.”

Apostrophe errors: “Its a beautiful day” vs. “It’s a beautiful day.”  

Run-on sentences: “I love to write it’s my favorite hobby” vs. “I love to write; it’s my favorite hobby.”   

Who can Use GrammarLookup’s Free Proofreading Tool? 

This tool is for everyone, literally. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a student, a book author, a business professional, or casually want to check your text for grammatical errors, GrammarLookup’s proofreading tool is here to help. 


Freelance Writers


What Users Love About GrammarLookup’s Proofreading Tool 

“As a British author who often writes for American audiences, I’m truly impressed with this proofreader! It effortlessly switches between ‘favour’ and ‘favor’ without missing a beat, ensuring my manuscripts are stylistically consistent with my target audience. A must-have tool for any writer!”

James L., Author

“This proofreading tool has been a lifesaver for my university assignments. Being an Australian student, I often struggled with keeping my spellings consistent with the UK standards. This tool automatically picks up on these nuances, making my work so much more polished and accurate.”

Sarah K., Student

“As a content manager for a website that caters to both American and Canadian readers, maintaining linguistic accuracy was always a challenge. GrammarLookup has simplified my workflow tremendously. Highly recommended for any professional dealing with diverse English audiences.”

Mark T., Content Manager

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