Top 30 Synonyms for Great (With Examples for Different Purposes)

Oh! You found us here. Great!. Has it ever touched you the repetition this short word (Great) has in a single day.

You see something going as per your desires: That’s Great. Or when someone asks you how your day was. We say: it was great! Or I had a great time. Or apart from all this, it is also used a lot in our day to day life as well while wishing others: Have a great day, I hope you had a great time e.t.c

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It might be of a lot of importance for some people that they almost use the same word for expressing all emotions. It is still a respectable word in the oxford dictionary however using it for every description looks a little monotonous. It also makes our sentences a look of deliberate communication and precision.

But don’t worry since we have got your bags packed with all the information you need to have regarding the word “Great”

And the most appropriate 30 synonyms of great that could be used in place of it.

What is “great”

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According to the Oxford dictionary, the word Great has a variety of meanings. Here are the most of them:

When Used As Adjective

The word Great as an adjective implies being large or extensive in amount or intensity. It is often used for some quantity that is significantly above the average.

His potential as a leader was great.


The story was of great dismal and regret.


  • Being superior in quality or grand.


The great Jeon Mansion.


The great tree parts their ways.


  • The quality being noticeably above what is expected

The sad and great poetry


A great dilemma can turn the tables around


  • Great is often added in titles to denote the power of one thing over others.

Alexander The Great


The Great Prince


  • Used to praise one’s excellency in an informal way.

It would have been great to have Sally to have on our team


Another great Stunt from Alex.


He’s great in maths


  • Denoting something that requires special regards

The great obstacle here is to get principal’s agreement


  • Expressing emotions like appreciation or surprise.

Great! We all are sto for the exhibition now.


The power went off. Just Great!


  • To regard to a family member from a significant time away or someone you hold gratitude for.

He was a great uncle


My great great grandfather


As Noun:


  • Used for a different or important individual


The great main vocalist, Joseph, was a real threat for other bands.


The village grew many great people, like Charles Dickens.


As Adverb:


  • An excellent exception.


She watched in hatred, while he kept on playing great.


Synonyms of Great

before we dig in to know more about the words we can use instead of great, look at this vedio and know more about sysnonyms of great.

1. Considerable

Being considerably big in amount, cannot be ignored.

Leena’s performance was considerably better than her.


That girl has got a considerable amount of clothes.


2. Substantial

Being off a lot of worth. Or being great in amount.

This is a substantial failure, we need help immediately.


He spent a substantial amount bof credits on that stupid bet.


3. Significant


Being essential or of a lot of importance.

Motherboard plays a very significant role in a computer’s framework


I think this part is most significant for the overall project.


4. Appreciable


It is used to refer to something which is worthy of praise and appreciation. Please note that it could only be used in a positive way.

The hospital service is appreciable.


The principal is appreciable for all what the teachers did.

 5. Special


This refers to something which is different or usually better than the other thing. It’s often used in a positive way.

They are holding a special ceremony on the account of her daughter’s birth.


The Baudelaires shared a special bond.


6. Serious


Denotes something that requires attention and careful implementation.

Covid 19 is a matter of serious importance


The students are supposed to take all the assignments very seriously.


7. Exceptional


Refers to something that is out of the box or doesn’t sit with the typical theme. It mostly highlights positive aspects and if not then denotes something to be larger than average.

Seema is an exceptional case


The rugs I bought were of exceptional Quality.

 8. Extraordinary


Refers to something very large in quantity or of unusual appearance. It is both used in a positive and negative way to describe something either as incredible or awful.

He was extraordinarily thin.


Her tantrums were as usual extraordinary drama.


9. Prominent


Denotes something that is important or significant.

Mr. Lee holds a very prominent position in the organization.


It’s known to be a very prominent tourist spot.


10. Eminent


Refers to someone who is important and well respected.

She is an eminent English tutor


They are one of the eminent software engineers in the town


11. Important


Refers to something or someone having significant value and usefulness towards achieving something.

It’s a very important day for the company


Please keep the file safe, it’s a very important one.


12. Illustrious


Describes someone who is well known and respected for past accomplishments and works.

She dreamed of having an illustrious student life.


His illustrious career made him an inspiration for others.


13. Celebrated


Refers to a moment of triumph. An event that deserves to be commemorated and remembered. Also used to acknowledge someone as the best among others.

He is a celebrated CEO


She was delighted by having to celebrate the event with her family.


14. Acclaim


Describes something that is publicly and widely appreciated for being better than average.

The book received public acclaim


The project wasn’t expected to receive such acclaim from the heads


15. Powerful


Refers to someone who has a miraculous strength or authority over others.

No doubt, he is the most powerful among them all.


Jack’s powerful position was enough to make her realize that she is in the wrong place.


16. Dominant


Refers to something or someone who has a large influence over others. Denotes ever growing power.

They are by far the most dominant film producers in the industry


The culture of boys being dominant over girls is much hated now.


17. Influential


Someone who has a  huge impact on something or someone.

She plays a very influential role in the committee


He is a very influential individual, his decisions are respected by everyone.


18. Captivating


Charming, able to hold someone’s interest or attract others.

The whole series was captivating, so I ended up binge watching it.


The decor at the museum was captivating enough to explain the huge amount of visitors

19. Groovy


Refers to someone who is capable of exciting others. Someone known as classy or fashionable.

The colour of her hair is quite groovy.


The new rap song was groovy.


20. Grand

Denotes something that is magnificent or incredible in appearance, size or style. It is sometimes also used to describe the power or authority of someone.

The chandelier in the hall was grand


The grand appearance of the bride and groom was awe inspiring.


21. Invaluable


Something that holds value and is very useful.

That place has an invaluable amount of proof  for this case.


This vacancy is going to be an invaluable experience for her.


22. Miraculous


Used to describe something remarkable and is always welcomed. It is also used to describe the miracles of nature.

His recovery after the incident was miraculous


It was indeed a miraculous sight for the whole town


23. Notable

As the name suggests, it is something that requires attention and needs to be noticed.


His contributions to the project has made him a notable individual.


She became such a notable professor in a very short time.


24. Nifty


Refers to something skillful or effective. It is most commonly used to appreciate a style or fashion sense.

The store has a nifty footwear


That blazer is so nifty, I can’t get my eyes off of it.


25. Outstanding


Describes Something that is exceptionally good and far better than the rest. In other cases, it also denotes payments that are delayed or unresolved dues.

Ava’s team performance was outstanding tonight.


She is overworking due to her outstanding bills.


26. Phenomenal


Refers to someone or something worthy of praise or remarks. It also describes experiences of slight movement.

The mansion is of phenomenal value


Working in the laboratory was a phenomenal experience


27. Sensational


Refers to something very good. Impressive or attractive. Can arouse public interest and excitement.

The match was a sensational one.


His sensational looks was an attraction for the whole crowd.


28. Wondrous


Refers to a feeling of delight or wonder. Something that causes pleasure or excitement. Also describes a marvelous act.

The night journey to the zoo was a wondrous one.


The view of the city from the top of skyscrapers are wondrous



29. Thrilling


The act or feeling that could arouse excitement or pleasure. Also defines an act that makes things or matters  nervous.

Every experience can be thrilling if carried out right.


The music was thrilling.


30. Splendorous


Defines something brilliant, in quality or appearance. It also refers to bright lightning or illuminations.

The building looked splendorous with the ornaments


I find ancient places quite splendorous.


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