Top 30 Synonyms for Great (With Examples for Different Purposes)

Oh Great!! Ever noticed, that we use this word a lot in our daily life. In uncountable situations starting from “have a great day” to “I had a great time” we use it many times. When I recognize this reality, I was hooked. I started to notice it everywhere. I’d say “great” when a someone offered a response; “great” when someone says they are doing well; “great” when a child does well, “Great” All over the day. But because it is used to describe everything, I wasn’t saying anything else. Our feedback, our praise, our gentle nudging is most effective when we are deliberate them with our words and precise in our communication. And once again, I learned a valuable lesson from paying attention to small detail that helped me change my practice. Upon reviewing my daily usage of the word, I noticed I needed alternatives to my “go to” praise if I wanted my words to be more inspiring.

Even though I’d come up with alternatives, there was a grasp to use them. The actual reason I would too often default to “great?” I possibly will say it and offer the fantasy of feedback. I noticed especially when contemplating someone, how much more time it took to go beyond saying something is “great.” And I don’t mean the actual talking time; I mean the time it takes to think about that sentence and that idea. So when I look at this list of 30 phrases, I don’t just see replacements for the word “great,” I see catalysts. These are my cues of what I can look for in the story of the learner in front of me.

But before we dig into synonyms let’s first discuss how many meanings does the word “great” has, so we can better understand the alternatives.

What is “great”

If we take a look at the meaning provided by the dictionary we can find the following

When Used As Adjective

  • the amount, to an extent, or intensity noticeably above average.

‘The Poem was of great interest’

‘He showed great potential as an actor’

  • Grand or Impressive.

‘a great ocean between them’

‘the great Victorian house’

  • Attributive which is used in names of animals or plants which are larger than similar kinds, e.g.

‘great tit, greater celandine’

  • attributive, which is used in place names denoting the larger or largest part of a place.

‘Great Malvern’

  • attributive(of a city) counting adjacent urban areas.

‘Greater Manchester’

  • quality, Of ability, or eminence significantly above average.

‘The great Italian conductor’

‘Great art has the power to change lives’

  • The Great Used as a title to represent the most important person of the name.

‘Alexander the Great’

  • Informal Very good; excellent.

‘Another great goal from Alan’

‘Wouldn’t it be great to have him back?’

as exclamation ‘‘Great!’ said Tom’

  • Informal (of a person) very skillful in a particular area.

‘He’s great at French’

  • attributive use before a noun to put emphasis on a particular description of someone or something.

‘I was a great fan of Hank’s’

‘his great friend Joe’

  • Denoting the factor of something that is the most important or the most worthy of consideration.

‘The great thing is the challenge’

  • Used to reinforce a different adjective of size or extent.

‘A great big grin’

  • Used to express surprise, appreciation, or contempt, especially in exclamations.

‘You great oaf!’

  • In combination(in names of family relationships) denoting one degree further detached upwards or downwards.



  • Irish predicative(of two people) on very near or intimate terms.

‘One of the girls was very great with him’

When Used as a Noun

  • A significant or distinguished person

‘The Beatles, Bob Dylan, all the greats’

‘The lives of the great, including Newton and Churchill’

When Used as Adverb

  • Very well; exceptionally.

‘we played awful, they played great’

Synonyms of great

As discussed before, ‘Great’ has a number of synonyms, but today I am going to discuss top 30 of them

1. Considerable

Means large in size or in amount. Something that is considered is big.

‘I have considerably more work to do now, than yesterday.’

‘The man has a considerable amount of money.’

2.  Substantial

  1. Substantial
    Means that something has a lot of worth, importance, or size.

‘This is a substantial problem, and we need to fix it before it gets big.’

‘That was a substantial amount of drink.’

3.  Significant

  1. Significant
    Means that something is very essential or worthy of attention.

‘This is a significant moment in my nation’s history.’

‘I think the amount of work that requires to be done is significant.’

  1. Appreciable

Refers to something which is important enough or large enough to be noticed. This word is always used to represent something in a positive way. Even if someone says that it is not appreciable, it means that something is not positive.

‘There is an appreciable amount of caring in the hospital.’

‘I am appreciable of everything that you have done for my father.’

5.  Special

  1. Special
    Refers to something that is better, great or different than other things. This is a word that is always used in a positive way.

‘teachers have a very special bond with their students.’

‘We will have a special ceremony next month.’

6.  Serious

Refers to something that needs important attention or needs to be measured carefully.

‘This is a matter of serious importance.’

‘We take all of that very seriously.’

7. Exceptional

Refers to something that is extraordinary or not typical. This is regularly used in a positive way. If it is not used in a positive way, then it is used to mean that something is large or of large significance.

‘Your work is exceptional.’

‘This house is an exceptional milestone for our town.’

8. Extraordinary

Means that something is unusual or extraordinary or incredible. This is a word that is generally used in a positive way, but it can also be used to say that something was shockingly awful.

‘The artist’s work is extraordinary.’

‘The party was an extraordinary disaster.’

9.  Prominent

Refers to something being significant or famous.

‘He holds a prominent position in the society.’

‘This is a prominent hotel.’

10.  Eminent

Means that someone is famous, important, and respected in their profession (job).

‘She is an eminent professor in chemistry.’

‘This is one of the eminent companies in IT.’

11.   Important

  1. Important
    Refers to something that has significant value or can be very useful for success.

‘Today, I am taking a very important step.’

‘This is one of the most important people of my life.’

12.  Illustrious

Refers to someone who is respected and well-liked because of past accomplishments. This is generally used to describe a long and successful career.

‘It will be difficult to follow such an illustrious predecessor.’

‘One day I wish to have an illustrious career.’

  1. Celebrated

Refers to acknowledging of an instant or event as successful or essential. It may be an event to celebrate something or it can be an acknowledgement that something or someone is one of the best.

‘He is a celebrated author.’

‘I don’t like all the attention, but it was good to be celebrated by my peers.’

14.  Acclaim

Means that someone or something is publically praised as being successful or better than average.

‘The invention received worldwide acclaim.’

‘No one expected the movie to receive such acclaim.’

15. Powerful

Means that something or someone has great strength or authority.

‘If we are going to get people to change, we will have to persuade the most powerful people first.’

‘This is the most powerful kind of cord.’

16. Dominant

Refers to something that is mainly important, powerful or influential.

‘They are by far the most dominant corporation in the market.’

‘Everyone should get a chance to speak. I don’t want anyone to dominate the conversation.’

17.  Influential

Means that someone or something has a huge effect on others.

‘He was a very influential person.’

‘I hope that I can be that influential.’

18. Captivating

Means that someone or something capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.

‘she has a captivating smile.’

That building has captivating décor.’

19. Groovy

Refers to someone or something fashionable and exciting; excellent

‘He has got a groovy new hair cut.’

‘The new song by Michael is groovy.’

20.  Grand

Refers to something magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style. It may also identify someone or something denoting the largest or most important item of its kind. Moreover informally a thousand dollars is also called a Grand.

‘I had a chance to visit the grand country house.’

‘She took everyone’s eye when she appeared from the grand entrance.’

21. Invaluable

Means something which is extremely useful or indispensable.

‘A library contains invaluable source in information.’

‘The new job will provide me with invaluable experience.’

22. Miraculous

Refers to something remarkable and bringing very welcome consequences. Additionally, it also refers to something of the nature of a miracle or having the power to work miracles.

‘She made a miraculous recovery after the incident.‘

‘My memory is nothing short of miraculous.’

23.  Notable

Means someone or something worthy of attention or notice; remarkable. Although when used as a noun it means a famous or important person.

‘He is notable for this collection of latest race cars.’

‘She is a notable business woman.’

24. Nifty

Refers to someone or something particularly good, skilful, or effective. Also means someone or something is attractive or stylish.

It’s worth spending on nifty footwear.’

‘All I need this winter is a nifty jacket.’

25.  Outstanding

Refers to something exceptionally good. I may also refer to dues which are not yet paid, resolved, or dealt with.

‘The team won by their outstanding performance.’

‘She is an outstanding example of courage.’

26. Phenomenal

Means something or someone is remarkable or exceptional, especially exceptionally good. Also represents any experience perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience.

‘The house was sold on a phenomenal price.’

‘I had a phenomenal experience watching that movie last night.’

27.  Sensational

Refers to someone or something very good indeed; very impressive or attractive. Can also be used to define something causing great public interest and excitement.

‘Both teams played a sensational match.’

 ‘She captured the heart of a crowd by her sensational looks.’

28. Wondrous

Refers to inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight; marvellous. In other words, it can also mean something done marvellously; wonderfully.

‘We had a wondrous trip.’

‘I can’t forget that wondrous view of the ocean from the cliff.’

29. Thrilling

Refers to something causing excitement and pleasure; exhilarating. Can also be used to define (of an emotion or sensation) pass with a nervous tremor.

‘Every journey can be thrilling with the right partner.’

‘Her first glance thrilled through me.’

30.  Splendorous

Refers to something or someone magnificent and impressive in appearance. It is also used to define a great brightness or lustre: Brilliancy

‘The king’s splendorous castle was wonderfully decorated with gold and silver décor.’

The pyramids are splendorous.’


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