Top 5 Writing Tools for Bloggers and Social Media Marketers

A human being is doing trade and business since its voyage started on this earth because it’s one of the ways to earn your bread and butter. Businesses had been done on conventional basis since the beginning of the 1st decade of 21st century. With the introduction of Internet technology during the 20th century and Information technology at the beginning of 21st century. IT has influenced almost every sector and industry which ultimately also has affected all businesses. There are many new platforms has been opened to earn money. One of such platforms is Blogging and content writing. People are writing amazing blogs on the internet which have been read by a lot of other people which in turn became the source to earn money.

The platform where such sort of people come and read is known as a blogger and this, in turn, has become the source of interaction among the people. This has laid down the foundation of another form of a media, other than Print and electronic, known as Social Media. Nowadays, Social Media is becoming the best, quickest and probably the most efficient source of advertisement. Big organizations are spending a good amount of their budgets to promote themselves on social media. Even in few of the organizations, there is special social media department has been set up. The reason behind such importance of social media is because consumer purchasing behavior and trends are changing a lot. So the interaction among the people has become the source of earning from blogs as well from several other online businesses. Recently when Information and Internet technologies started to invade into businesses and sudden boom of social media has opened a lot of job opportunities, particularly for the people relevant to Marketing. One recent form of Digital marketing and probably one of the most job creating field is Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O). S.E.O is basically one form of Marketing in which an S.E.O expert use to optimize the results generated by Search Engines when a person or customer use to search for the products or services similar to your offerings. The expert use to do careful analysis about the offerings of that particular organization. Then generate different keywords which are relevant to that offering. These keywords are very simple, easy to recall and use. So whenever a common man uses to search about that particular offering, it will show the result of that website or organization at the top when being searched at that particular Search Engine. So the purpose of S.E.O is to attract the maximum number of customers while being searched on any Search Engine because it has been found through a research that an average human being doesn’t use to click on the results which are shown lower down the order.
As mentioned above the real purpose of S.E.O similarly articles are being written nowadays by mentioning several and specific keywords. The purpose is the same to attract the maximum number of readers. But all of these specialists need some sort of writing tool which can assist them to write effective and smart blogs. So this article on is a good source to know about top 5 best writing tools which can help both Social Media Marketer and a blogger to write good articles and content without errors with much more ease.

Writing tools for Bloggers and Social Media Marketers

Evernote ( Take Notes Anytime)

This tool is specifically designed for the people who want to write anytime, anywhere. You just need to download it from the internet and then you can synchronize it with your mobile phone or tablet or any other smart electronic gadget. The reason why it’s been at the top is that it’s been designed to write moderately long blogs and content to be published on the internet.
It is designed to write small and emergency notes which came across your mind. As you find something reasonable, you just need to open it instantly without using the internet and write it. It’s also supported by grammar correction feature. It’ll highlight the mistakes as you’ll write and then you can rectify your mistakes.

Creative Writer (For Bloggers and Social Media Marketers)

You might be wondering why Microsoft Word is not part of this list while being the best word processor in the world. The reason is that there is other software that is specifically designed to write the content to be published on the internet. One of those tools is Creative Writer. It is a free tool that is used by bloggers and Social Market experts all over the world.
Creative Writer is the choice of the majority because of its easy interface. This is a smart writer with a full-screen writing mode.

The beautiful element about this mode is that it won’t distract you by placing functionalities onto the screen. It enhances the writer’s ability to think easily without being distracted. One negative aspect is that you can’t add plugins like you can while working with Microsoft Word but the purpose is the same to let the writer work in a distraction free workspace.

Microsoft Word (Best word processor)

This list can’t be completed without Microsoft Word. Not only for the blog but for all sort of writing, Microsoft Word is a completed package. The reason behind placing this software at the last position among top 3 is that it’s not specifically designed for blogging and Social Media Marketing. Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor which allows you to write not only blogs, or internet content but every sort of content including business letters, academic research papers, thesis and likewise.
Microsoft Word is a smart tool which keeps on analyzing your document while you write and highlights your grammatical and spelling mistakes by highlighting them with blue and red colors respectively, for punctuation check you’d need to use a third party tool though. Furthermore, you can add plugins like Grammarly to improve the quality of your content. Simply you need to write it and then copy and paste your content where you want it to be published.

Google Docs (best online word processor)

Next software in our line is Google Docs. It’s the only online tool in our list of top 5 writing tools for bloggers and Social Media Specialists. It’s a free online software developed by Google. All you need is to go to your browser and search for it through google platform. After you just need to enter your Gmail account details and you’ll get the access to the software. It’s a smart tool like Microsoft Word which analyzes your text while you write and highlights your mistakes. Besides it also saves the writer from the toiling job of saving the content after some time.
All you need is to just copy your content from the drive and just paste it to the blog publishing website. Furthermore, few blog publishers allow you to import your file directly from your google drive account. So without a doubt, it’s a fun tool to be used by both bloggers and Social Media Marketers.

Write Rack

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms where a lot of people use to interact with one another. One annoying thing about twitter is that you can’t post a tweet exceeding the word count of 140 words. So to post long thoughts, the person needs to divide his tweet into several chunks. So in this case, Write Rack is an amazing tool which allows you to post your thought and then it’ll break your thoughts into appropriate tweets. This is one of a kind software.
It’s not like that this tool is only for tweet management but you can also write blogs using this tool. It’s a smart editor like Word and Google docs and allows you to write blogs as well.

Free Grammar And Punctuation Check!

Grammarlookup uses artificial intelligence to check grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing, eliminate spelling errors and highlight 1000s of style issues to make your writing exceptional.

Check Your Writing

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