WhiteSmoke Reviews: Is This Grammar Checker Worth It?

No, this is not related to Crystal Meth, Brown Sugar or “Weed” that drives the Reggae Shark madder than ever.

It is not dope. Except it is dope when it comes to checking language’s errors and omissions, and correcting them.

If you think of language proofreading, editing and improving, and the only word that comes to your mind is Grammarly, you need to know the whole different group of language proofreading and improvement tools like Hemingway, ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke etc.

In this review:

I will impartially review this grammar checking tool and I will lay down all the pros and cons and shades of gray in front of you.

Whether it is worthy or not? You Decide.

Access here: WhiteSmoke.com


  • 5 Stars for Integrity – Works Well with All Operating Systems
  • Inexpensive as Compared to many others e.g. Grammarly
  • Mobile Application as well as Web-based Corrections
  • Advanced Level of Improvement


  • Frequent wrong and inaccurate suggestions like all other tools
  • Not Deeper than ProWritingAid

Let us first talk about the problems with this tool. We will discuss them in detail and then we will move on to discussing all the pros.

  1. Frequent Wrong and Inaccurate Suggestions like all other Tools


As far as this con is concerned, I cannot say that WhiteSmoke is the odd one out. This problem, as I have already said enough, is very common among all language correction and editing tools.

For example, a language tool rejected my ellipsis (…) and perhaps suggested that either the dots should have been less than three or the space should not be there.

Then there are problems with verbs and nouns. Sometimes, in a more complex sentence, it is hard to find out whether a particular word such as fashion is verb or noun.

Likewise, many times tools fail to guess as to which subject the writer intended to have an agreement with the only verb in the sentence – as a result, they declare it a mistake.

  1. Not Deeper than ProWritingAid

If you have been searching enough for the most ideal grammar editing and proofreading tool, you must have passed by this website.

This tool is so famous and so full of customizations and checks, that people compare it to Grammarly: the big G.

It would have been better to see WhiteSmoke having a deeper and wider understanding of grammar.

For example, WhiteSmoke totally missed out on features like detailed explanation of the problems with underlined words and suggestions to improve them, and the feedbacks in case of ProWritingAid are just more pro.


Enough with the cons, the product (digital product?) has more pros than its cons and it is widely respected for its unique features.

Let us take a look at all of them.

  1. 5 Stars for Integrity

There are a few tools of language check and proofreading that are not web-based and you cannot use them with either one or another operating system.

For example, a closer example, Grammarly does not work with Google Docs and thus it fails on integrity.


There is no such issue with Whitesmoke grammar check tool. This can be used with all operating systems and the integrity, in the case of these spellings and grammar check tool is at its best.

  1. Inexpensive

The price is one of the biggest turn off factor when it comes to these tools.

Considering that from students to professionals we all need only and only their premium features (because for free features MS word works better or Ginger), it upsets me when I look at the premium version membership price.

For example:

Grammarly Premium costs you a whopping $29.95 per month. Honestly, with this budget, you can have two nice and big hosting plans from Cloudways (one month’s charges) and still have money in pocket.

Its yearly plan is only $50 which is way too lower than Grammarly. However, WhiteSmoke’s premium even beats this generous rating.

They charge only $4.16/month for essential plan and for full premium it is only $6.67/month.

Even JetPack, a considerably cheaper language improvement tool costs $9/month for its premium features.

So yeah!

This tool is so cheap and yet, it is only the yuge ones that beat it to the diversity of tools, checks and actions.

  1.  Mobile Application

The best thing about WhiteSmoke is its mobile app. Alright, one of the best features!

Realizing that mobile devices are the future and 60% of internet users use it on internet (and thus seek corrections online), they made an app that you can use from college, university, job, office and even while having a lunch etc.

The best part is that all the features that you could enjoy with the web-based app, are there on the mobile app.


While you will be boosting the mobility and usability of grammar check to 360 degrees, you would still be able to use all premium features.

And since integrity and inclusivity is the key, their app is equally available to both: AppStore and Google Play.

  1. Advanced Level of Improvement

You have seen the price tags and you know that this tool costs you cheaper than any other tool.


It is not low on its features and basic functions. It is common sense that it cannot be as good as most expensive language check and grammar proofreading tools, but for the price they charge for this product, it offers much bigger and better value.

Here is a breakdown of all those exciting features that ensure an advanced level of improvement at ridiculously low price:

  • It can detect hundreds of basic and minute grammar, structure, spelling and punctuation problems.
  • Very efficient in terms of plagiarism checking.
  • Better UI and UX than many other tools.
  • Features like translation, plagiarism and basic grammar check.
  • More focused on American English; very suitable for digital entrepreneurs and copywriters targeting American audience.


You must have heard, “You get what you pay for”, well this is true. However, when it comes to this product, what you get with product is not more than what tools like Grammarly offer, but it offers better value for its meek price.

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