“Punctuation Save Lives! 19 Memes You Should See!”

Among the many aspects of writing, punctuation is crucial. Depending on the context and word choice, it can alter the meaning of a sentence. However, in printed journalism, you must decide where to insert the punctuation marks based on how the interviewee’s voice sounds in the audio or transcript.

That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to punctuation when using direct quotes; it can completely alter their meaning. It can be challenging to comprehend if they never pause to catch their breath while speaking or if they pause pretty often.

Indeed, the way we speak differs significantly from the way we write. I could talk on and on about a topic, blending phrases and circling back to the beginning while still making sense. To put it another way, if I attempted to convey all of that on paper, the reader would be so confused that they might not be able to grasp what I was saying.

In light of the above discussion, and regardless of the prevalent absence of proper punctuation in modern texting and communication, keep in mind the significance of punctuation and the fact that, in the end, a comma might save someone’s life.

Take a closer look at a few of these powerful illustrations of incorrect punctuation. These should open your eyes to the value of punctuation if they haven’t already.


Let’s eat, Grandma! is an excellent illustration of this phenomenon. With the comma, it’s clear that the kid is telling the grandma that it’s meal time.

However, if you omit the comma, the sentence reads: “Let’s eat Grandma!” Now it’s the kid in the family telling everyone else to chow down on grandma.



Punctuation is essential and can save lives; here is another instance where it was missing.

“I love cooking, my family, and pets.” As you can see, the commas are right where they should be. The narrator explains his enthusiasm for cooking and devotion to his family and pet.

However, without the comma, the line would read: “I enjoy cooking my family and pets.” This new interpretation implies that the speaker enjoys eating his own family and pets.



This hilarious meme emphasizes the value of using commas correctly to convey meaning in writing.

The question “Is it time to eat Bernard?” gives the impression that someone is inquiring about whether or not it is OK to consume a young boy named Bernard.

However, if we insert a comma, the line reads: “Is it time to eat, Bernard?” It’s as simple as asking Bernard whether he’s hungry now, and Bernard won’t have to worry about being on the menu.



Without punctuation, this meme, “Time to eat children,” sounds like a mother is running after her kids to eat them.

However, if you add punctuation, it will read, “Time to eat, kids.” It is as simple as a mother running after her children to ensure they eat, but the children are in no mood to cooperate.



This meme is a fantastic example of punctuation misuse, which affected the message’s meaning.

People are writing “No more rape” postcards to protest the surge in rape cases.

One guy had a “No! more rape” play card. This needless punctuation turned the phrase around, requesting more rape instances. 



What a horrible violation of punctuation! It is why we say punctuation is lifesaving.

The original meme “We are going to learn to cut and paste kids” lacked a comma. It led some readers to believe that the children would be cut up and pasted somewhere. However, with a comma, it looks like “We are going to learn to cut and paste, kids.” Here, students expect to learn how to copy and paste files and documents from the teacher.



Yet another hilarious case of floppy punctuation.

No comma in the warning sign reads, “Hunters please use caution when hunting pedestrians using walk routes.” So, it’s clear that the sign is directing hunters to hit people on foot.

However, the correct one should be, “Hunters, please use caution when hunting. Pedestrians using walk routes. “



See for yourself how a sentence suffers when punctuation is absent. This meme, ” A man eating chicken” depicts a chicken that consumes human flesh.

Correct punctuation: “A man, eating chicken” shows it’s about a male eating chicken.



“Lets eat Grandpa.”  This meme is inappropriate because it lacks punctuation. Nobody eats their grandparents. It’s just the absence of punctuation that turns the meaning of the phrase upside down.

The correct answer implies that Kitty wants to share a meal with her grandfather and is said by Kitty as, “Let’s eat, Grandpa.”



With this example in mind, you should understand why punctuation is crucial. The lack of punctuation makes it sound like someone is encouraging blog readers to prepare and eat his wife. Seriously? Who would have asked someone to eat their wife? That’s why we say that punctuation saves lives. However, he is only advertising her food blog.

The correct one would read, “All those out there that like to cook and eat; my wife just made a new blog at https://easy_recipes_for_blogs. Check it out, and tell everyone. “



I would have avoided going back to this doctor at all costs. Holy typo! It shows how the omission of a single comma may transform an otherwise reasonable diagnosis into an awful recommendation.

The correct one would read, “Unable to eat, diarrhea.” It simply indicates a diagnosis made by a doctor based on the current symptoms.



If you don’t punctuate, it sounds like wet pedestrians are dangerous. However, this is a warning about a walking passage stating that it is essential to exercise caution around it when it is wet since it can become slippery.



The omission of commas can drastically affect the meaning of a statement. As seen from the illustration provided above, the usage of fewer commas can occasionally increase the mortality rate.

Jacob’s family, pets, and cooking are his passions. The incorrect punctuation makes it seem like he enjoys cooking and eating his family and pet.



Again, the lack of punctuation renders the sentence meaningless. A single omission of a coma led to the idea that someone wanted to eat Ron. However, this is not the case.

The correct one reads, “Let’s have a meal, Ron.” In this short sentence, someone invites Ron to eat.



Another comical case of improper punctuation. The one that lacks punctuation reads, “How to cook crack and clean a crab.” It gives the impression that someone is instructing how to cook crab.

However, with punctuation, it says, ” How to cook, crack, and clean a crab.”



Another illustration of incorrect punctuation is the phrase “Let’s eat kitty.” It should come as no surprise that nobody enjoys eating their pet cat. The correct punctuation of the phrase is “Let’s eat, kitten.”Here, a person invites her cat over for dinner.



Here we see yet another case where the vital and perhaps life-saving use of punctuation is evident. In this meme, “I like eating, my dogs, and my friends,” the narrator elaborates on his dedication to his family, pets, and love for the culinary arts.

However, without the comma, the passage would read: “I like eating my dogs and my friends.”



It is insane. Yet another hilarious example of punctuation misuse.

A young woman calls out to a passing police car, “Help a thief!” Because of a mistake in the punctuation, the police helped the thief.

The correct version would read, “Help, a thief.”



A missing comma in a dating biopic could be the difference between getting a like and a left swipe. “I love baking my family and my friends.” It gives the impression that someone loves to bake his family and friends. However, it’s not the case here.

The correct one is, “I love baking my family, and my friends.” The omission of the comma in this image conveys an entirely different narrative.


After learning multiple lessons from memes today, the most critical decision is whether you will utilize this information for good or bad. Do not go through someone’s social media feed looking for erroneous punctuation and criticize them for not knowing any better. Make the most of your ability to craft powerful messages, expressions, and memes.

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