Jasper Ai Writer Review (2023)

What is Jasper AI Writer?

Jasper AI Writer (formerly Jarvis) is new artificial intelligence that can write for you. Just type in your ideas and it will create a well-written blog post for you. You can also choose to have the AI edit a pre-existing article or just use Jasper as a personal assistant. 

What I really like is that you don’t have to train the program at all. It basically does everything on its own. You just choose a topic & then sit back & watch the magic happen A few clicks and an amazing piece of content is written for you by Jasper AI! Never again have writer’s block because now there is Jasper AI!

Access here: Jasper Ai

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Jasper AI’s Pros and Cons:

Jasper Ai is immensely popular amongst both new and old writers. So people are extracting the benefits of it in a very tremendous way.

However, there are certain aspects you should consider while making up your mind to buy the subscription. So, I have highlighted some pros and cons related to Jasper Ai. It will help you get a better idea of what Jasper Ai is capable of.

The Pros:

– Jasper AI Writer is extremely versatile. It can be used for blog posts, articles, marketing materials, and even books!

– The program offers a wide range of templates to choose from so you’re not starting from scratch with each project.

– You get a final product that looks like it was professionally written by a human because it was created by an AI.

-The content poured by the Ai that’s running Jasper is capable to generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your blog and ultimately turning them from random visitors to daily subscribers… So yea, Jasper is helluva Powerful!

-Jasper takes inspiration from a number of sources across the web so you get content that’s pure and fine as butter. In other words, the content written by Jasper Ai is just like a glass of pomegranate juice that gets extracted from the finest pomegranates available in the garden.

-Unlike other AI tools, Jasper Ai allows you to grab it and produce content for commercial purposes as well. It doesn’t restrict you only to producing content for personal use. So it is a big plus!

– Jasper is constantly improving, which means you can feel good about making a purchase knowing that the program will be continually updated to create better content with each version.

The Cons:

While there are many things I love about this service, some of its features have left me feeling a bit…unsatisfied. Here are the two main reasons why:

-With great power, comes with a great ‘price’. Look that’s not what Uncle Ben told Spider-Man but that’s what I am telling you. People think that they can get all these perks for free but actually, that ain’t gonna happen.

Jasper AI is offering some incredible value that can assist you in writing the best content so it doesn’t come cheap. According to the latest price bracket, Jasper demands you to pay $29 for its Starter services, $109 for Pro, and $119 for the ultimate BOSS version.

– Talking about the ‘first’ con, I feel that Jasper AI Writer can be quite inflexible at times. If you’re not using one of its pre-made templates, it’s difficult to get the program to do what you want it to. This could be because I’m not as technologically savvy as some people might be, but I imagine that this is an issue for others as well.

– Second, and more importantly, the content generated by Jasper can sometimes feel a bit…stiff? unnatural? It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the writing just doesn’t read like something that was created by a human. This could be due to the fact that Jasper is still learning and evolving, but it’s definitely something worth keeping in mind if you’re thinking of using this service.

-Third, I think that the content should be inspired by some renowned websites such as Wikipedia and Quora. That’s not an option but I guess it gets the work done, makes the reader and writer happy.

-Fourth, Sometimes Jasper AI goes nuts and repeats itself a number of times throughout the content. But just like an obedient pet, you can train your Jasper not to do that mistake and it’ll behave like a good one, a better one.

In conclusion, Jasper AI Writer definitely has its pros and cons, but I believe that the pros heavily outweigh the cons. If you’re looking for a versatile writing tool that will help you create high-quality content without all of the fuss, Jasper is definitely worth considering.

Jasper Pricing: Is there a free trial?

There are three main pricing options to choose from. Let’s take a look at them.

jarvis pricing

Jasper Starter

The starter version is the lowest level you can go for, but still has many of the features that you need to get started with Jasper. This includes easy setup, language selector, scheduling functionalities, and more.

It costs $29 (one-off payment).

Jarvis AI starter plan

Jasper Pro  

This is where it starts getting interesting! You not only get all the benefits of the Starter version but also some additional features such as Google Analytics integration, power word lists, and

The possibilities really do seem endless with this full version of the program. You get everything that comes standard in the starter edition AND some great extras like Google Analytics integration, power word lists, and more.

 You also get a ton of support with the program. It’s obvious that they want to make sure you are getting results and it is no wonder why this company got so much praise from Forbes, BBC News, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch.

It costs $109 (one-off payment).

Update: As of 7 OCT 2021, Jasper pro is absolute now, this will not affect the current users, but the new users will not have this option.

Jasper Boss Mode

This is where it gets even more interesting! You not only get all the benefits of Jasper Pro but also some additional features such as a content spinner, article submission tool, social media integration, and more…and believe me there are plenty more!

It costs $59 per month with 50,000 credits (words) per month. Similarly, for 1,00,000 credits (words), you have to pay $ 99 per month. So that’s how increasing the word count will adjust the plan accordingly.

Jarvis Boss Mode plan

Jasper Refund – How secure is it?

Despite any doubt, the Jasper AI is something that offers beyond the expectations of a common content writer. Jasper offers incredible value and its users speak on its behalf. People like using Jarvis and I hope you will do too.

But just in case you don’t feel like using Jasper AI properly, having some underdelivered results or simply Jasper AI is not working up to your expectations, you get a 7-Day money-back guarantee for it.

So all you have to do is to send them an email with a reason about why you’re not happy using the Jasper AI and the guys back there will be happy to give you your cash back… that’s it!

But believe me, that moment would less likely to appear because Jasper AI is very friendly and easy to use. It’ll generate the content that’ll make you fall in love with it at first sight!

Is there a free trial?

You can check out the site here to see which plan is best for you & to grab your 7-day free trial.

Get 10,000 Credit at first and 10,000 more after use (hint- just try canceling and they will offer you 10k credit), a total of 20,000.

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Who should use Jasper Ai?

Jasper AI Writer is great for:

Bloggers (especially new ones) –

Jarvis AI helps bloggers, especially the new ones, in generating fine-quality content for their blogs that can result in an increment in blog traffic and conversions by composing good quality content.

With Jarvis AI, bloggers can deliver content that is of a high level and also has every single word edited.

However, they mainly focus more on quality than on creativity. Jarvis AI Writer goes beyond the simple blogging software by helping us in creating better, more engaging, and more creative content.

Additionally, it can also suggest ways in which you can enhance your content by incorporating more creativity, information, and also data. It can even rearrange the order of sentences to make them look better so that there is a flow while reading through them.

A blog post visible on a laptop screen.
Blog concept, Laptops social media blogs on the desk.

SEO Professionals

Jasper AI creates massive amounts of high-quality content that brings in traffic 24/7. Some content includes articles, blog posts, books and so much more. Jarvis AI is a unique tool that creates 1000s of high-quality pieces of content in every different niche you want to create it for.

Affiliate Marketers

The Jarvis Ai Review is a software that uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality product reviews, even utilizing the hundreds and thousands of keywords present out there. And without waiting for your writing to compose a particular product review for days, you can compose that yourself within minutes!

Online Entrepreneurs & Startups

Jarvis AI also helps online Entrepreneurs and startups to create more helpful articles around their niche so people know who they are and what they do better.

If you are in a competitive space, then having more helpful articles than your competition is key to ranking higher on Google and Bing.

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How do Write a Blog post with Jasper?

Jarvis AI writer is very easy to write a blog post

1- In the Jasper dashboard, click the documents on the left side.

2 – Choose “Start from scratch” or “blog post overflow”

3- Give it a topic (title)

Once you give Jasper AI writer your topic, Jarvis will automatically start writing & revising an article for you! It does this by generating unique content using automation technology.

Now sit tight, In a few seconds, the Ai will start writing for you.

Do more with description: In the description box, briefly write a few lines about the topic, this way the Ai will do better. This is a great way to get the perfect article you wanted.

What can I do with Jasper Ai?

Besides the blog posts, you can choose from over 50 content templates.

Once you start a document, head over to power mode by clicking the icon above and you will see tons of templates such as:

AIDA Framework and PAS framework:

AIDA and PAS are the oldest and most effective formulas for copywriting. People in the past had to memorize it completely and then perfect their ability to use it whenever needed. But with the help of the new Jasper AI, people can now readily apply these formulas wherever they want.

AIDA Framework interface

Jasper AI Writer is by far better than its competitors because it can help us with both AIDA and PAS formulas.

Content improver

Primarily one of the best features of the Jasper AI is its content improver. Wanna wonder how much of a simple cake it is? You just have to paste any sort of content and the Jarvis AI will generate it for you. AI can generate a variety of content depending on the subject.

Product Description

With the help of Jasper AI, you can also compose a variety of product descriptions for your products whether they are related to Amazon or not.

You don’t even have to worry about the length of your product descriptions as Jasper AI Writer is capable of writing descriptions that are 300 words or more in just a few minutes.

Blog Posts:

With the help of Jasper AI, you can discover new blog post ideas, you can get some outlines, and can even generate a blog post intro and even a paragraph that you will adjust in its conclusion. Jarvis AI Writer is the best tool that you can use in order to improve your blog post-writing skills.

So, if you are looking for a tool that can help you improve your blog post-writing skills, Jasper AI Writer is the right choice for you.

Facebook Ads:

Jasper AI will also help you to generate great headlines for Facebook ads and their descriptions. For example, if you are a business that sells sneakers, Jarvis AI can help to create the best headlines and descriptions for your Facebook ads that will help you attract more people to your business and generate more sales.

Google Ads:

For google ads purposes, Jasper AI will also help you to generate amazing headlines that engage your audience. Those headings will serve as one of the best ways to grab the attention and make them a subscriber of your article.

Amazon Product Description:

In order to generate content related to Amazon, Jasper AI works its best when you want terrific Amazon product descriptions. You just have to insert the headline of the product (apparently its name) and some details.

Website Product pages:

Jarvis AI will also help you in generating flawless web pages for your website. A compelling about us page, a persuasive landing page, and powerful product pages will convince your visitors to land and avail of the services you are offering on your site.

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A Completely Honest Review of the Jasper AI:

A man indicating that he is being completely honest

Upon managing to create thousands of words from Jarvis AI, even for this article, I just thought to share my personal experience with you. And before that, let me remind you that this particular section has nothing to do with Jarvis AI, which means it does not include Jarvis AI’s involvement, it’s a completely honest review coming straight out of the keys of my keyboard.

Well, according to me, Jarvis AI is indeed a remarkable evolution in the field of content writing. Whether someone is a content writer, copywriter, or marketer, this new AI can surely turn the tables and change the game forever.

So if we talk about the pros of having Jarvis AI in the game, people will now be able to get better, engaging, and genuine content in much less time as compared to the one when they used to get it from their writer. Humans take time to generate something and that’s not the case with machines. Jarvis AI will reduce till and as a result, will increase productivity.

However, I believe that this revolutionary change will steal a lot of jobs for people who earn by this means. In other words, marketers will tempt to use this AI instead of hiring writers. And this clash in the writer’s ecosystem will ultimately eat their jobs. Also, people, especially writers like me, will get slow, lazy, and less productive. It will kill the creativity inside every single writer who will depend on it.

But in the conclusion, I would like to write that it solely depends on how you will use Jarvis AI for your work. If you will get totally dependent on this software, it might destroy you as a writer, but if you are taking it merely as a facilitator, an advisor, or an assistant, it will surely decrease the amount of effort that you put into producing written content. It will ease up your stress, help you prevent writer’s block, and produce more content in less time.

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  5. I used Jasper for a few months. They can charge you as much as they want and do not respect the fact you have selected the starter plan. You will end up paying way more than you signed up for.
    So I paid 4 times more than my original plan every month without actually using the service that much.

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