How To Use Grammarly With Overleaf Latex Editor

Grammatical errors are the last thing a professional writer wants to deal with when composing a piece. Grammarly is by far the most advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to find and fix grammar mistakes. In terms of grammar, spelling, and plagiarism detection, Grammarly comes out on top. Using Grammarly will assist you in quickly identifying and correcting issues, and it is accessible from any location. The reason millions of writers rely on it is that it delivers.

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LaTeX Editor Overleaf is a tool many people use to write research papers, business letters, resumes, and other documents. Using LaTeX editors, professional and academic authors can produce high-quality articles with the appropriate visuals and research.

If you are creating formal writing using Overleaf as a LaTeX editor, you may find it frustrating that the two programs don’t work well together. If you are unfamiliar with how to utilize Grammarly with overleaf, this article will clear up any questions you may have.

Grammarly Overleaf Integration: What You Need to Know:

Overleaf is an online platform for academic and professional papers. It lets users collaborate and publish their work online. Users can work using LaTex,  keep their works in the cloud, and access their coursework and writing while they are on the go.

Overleaf simplifies the process of writing and publishing academic content. When it comes to academic writing, it is essential to have a powerful grammar checker. Although Grammarly is among the top writing tool, it doesn’t have a plug-in or connection compatible with Overleaf.

Grammarly may be used with an Overleaf LaTeX document to give real-time grammatical checking. It also saves writers time while editing their work. To begin, all you need is a little ingenuity.

How To Make Use Of Grammarly With Overleaf’s LaTex Editors Online?

Specific actions need to be carried out on your end before you can utilize Grammarly with Overleaf. Grammarly does not support Overleaf via a plug-in or application at this time. Thus you must complete everything through your browser. Here’s how you can do it:

First Step: Installing The Grammarly Mobile Keyboard Or The Grammarly Browser Add-On:

Install the Grammarly mobile keyboard or the Grammarly browser add-on. You can access your Grammarly account by going to and logging in there. Locate the Grammarly extension for Chrome and add the extension to your browser. The Grammarly Keyboard add-on for iOS and Android mobile devices allows you to use the editor right on your Smartphone.

Second Step: Sign In To Your Account On

The next step is to access your Overleaf account by logging in to Select the template for the LaTeX editor, and then begin typing. A green or red circle will appear in your text editor’s bottom right corner, indicating that the extension is set up correctly. This means it’s doing its job.

Use Grammarly’s grammar checker to ensure your work is error-free and to provide feedback on your writing’s syntax and style. Make any edits you believe are necessary and save your document.

Upload Content To Grammarly’s Official Website:

Suppose the two-step approach described above does not work for you

In that case, you can use Overleaf to compose your material and then paste it into Grammarly using the desktop program or the website.

After going through the recommendations for the spelling and grammar checking, Upload the content back into Overleaf so that you may finish formatting it. Using this method, you can run two apps at the same time without having to install any extra plug-ins. However, it can be a bit of a pain at times.

Using Overleaf Textarea Extension:

You may also use the open-source Overleaf-Textarea extension from GitHub to integrate Grammarly with Overleaf. This plug-in changes the text source in Overleaf into a textarea. Thanks to this, It lets Grammarly check for mistakes.

After downloading the plug-in to your computer, you will be able to activate it while using Overleaf. When you use Grammarly’s browser extension in Rich Text Mode, it will correct your grammar as you type.

This plugin will show your content in a textarea. It will allow you to utilize other plugins such as Grammarly that check for spelling errors. Overleaf’s spell-check is rudimentary. It’s not even close to specialized tools like Grammarly. With this chrome extension, One can copy and paste plain text from the editor window into a textarea while filtering out any commands or phrases that aren’t needed. A plugin like Grammarly can make edits to the textarea, and the editor will merge the changes.

FAQs About Grammarly and Overleaf Collaboration:

Q1. Is it possible to use Grammarly with LaTex?

Ans:  Unfortunately, Grammarly does not accept Markdown, PDF, or LaTeX files as of right now. To write in these files, you must either use a plug-in to change the content into a compatible format or simulate it in a different format.

Q2. Overleaf Grammarly: How Do I Use It?

Ans: You need to have the Grammarly extension installed on your browser to use the Grammarly editor in Overleaf. Grammarly can enable you to scan your writing as you type with the Overleaf-Textarea plug-in.

Final Words:

Unfortunately, Overleaf’s editor is too intricate for Grammarly to be able to work with it. There is an extension available for it, but it does not offer the same level of functionality as Grammarly. If you want to make a good impression with your academic and professional writing, you should consider Grammarly.

However, thanks to Grammarly extension and Overleaf’s Textera plug-in, you may utilize both at the same time. Synchronize them, and you’ll be able to check the grammar issues as you go along.

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