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Grammarly Review : Is it Worth Paying for this Grammar Checker?

Let’s appreciate the best grammar checker company “Grammarly” for offering the free Chrome extension.

But, Did you notice there are missing features in the free version? 

In this Grammarly Review, I’ll walk you through many aspects of Grammarly premium features to help you decide if you should be paying for it.

A lot of us love playing with words more than any other toys or tools, but there is hardly a handful of us who succeeds in becoming a writer.

Yeah, writing is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you find the creativity within you, read on to find how you can polish it. There are times when the write-up seems to be perfect, but it is actually not since there remain several minute errors that we may either overlook or are unable to detect. Yet, a Grammar Nazi would always never leave an opportunity to point out these mistakes.

When you are presenting a write-up to a good number of audiences, it is always essential to ensure that there is no error in the content, so as to develop a positive impression upon your readers. The internet has got solutions to all your problems, and here too, you can access tools like Grammarly that is capable of detecting all your critical and advanced errors with proper description and punctuation. It scans for every imperfect phrase to make it perfect in order to maintain a grammatical precision.

Grammarly makes sure that your messages, documents, and social posts remain free of errors. This provides a good impact on the readers. It also increases the readability score of the content piece, thereby helping the content to rank at the top. Of course, a traditional sentence checker is helpful. However, if you are looking for a pro post, it is advisable to go for the Premium version as it is more accurate!

Typos and grammar mistakes are certainly very embarrassing, and that’s where you realize the necessity of a checker tool such as Grammarly.

I am sure, all of you would agree with me, for these mistakes aren’t something to ignore. Grammarly is really awesome when it comes to proofreading articles, blog posts, and book chapters. It gives a wide array of options to a writer to enhance the standard of his or her writing. Definitely, you need to be creative! But if you are a little prone to make annoying grammatical disputes, this tool is here to help you out in every possible way. As long as you are working with the free version, you can get through quite a handful of errors and correct them accordingly. This is an important tool for every content writer and freelancer for they had to deal with contents almost every day. For every newbie content writer or freelancer, you need to get an access to this grammar checker in order to improve your vocabulary and quality of the draft. Initially, you can give a try to the free version and then, may choose to grab the Premium or the paid version since it comes with noticeably more robust features.

It’s important to differentiate between free and premium versions and here, this Grammarly review can help you decide if you should upgrade.

Difference between the free and the Premium version

Review of grammarly free vs premiumThe free version of this tool offers 150 critical grammar errors and spelling checks, while the Premium version offers an additional 100 advanced grammar checks. It also offers a plagiarism feature that lets you judge the originality of the content.

Just as I have already said that content full of grammatical mistakes lower the readability score of the piece as well as fails to grab the readers’ attention for the quality of the write-up is quite poor. Also, a duplicate content has got no better scope in the eyes of the audience. Why would someone prefer your post or web content if there is nothing original or unique? A copy-paste content has no potential before Google, and thus, a blog post should always be original. To detect the originality of the content piece, one can use the Grammarly tool in the paid version to check the plagiarism report.

Thus, the Grammarly Premium version has two significant features, one is vocabulary enhancement, and the other is plagiarism checker that isn’t available in the free version.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Grammar rules are explained in detail
  • Documents are accessed on multiple devices
  • You can get a clear access to the synonyms and definitions for the words used

Is Grammarly accurate? Can it really assist the writers?

The errors in the content are marked with an underline on the Grammarly dashboard. Just as you click on any error, you will be notified with the explanation of that particular error on the side. There would also be an arrow, click on that to check out more about it. Grammarly is too efficient in identifying problems and offering possible explanations as well as solutions for the same.

Mistakes that Grammarly check is famous for:

The Premium version of Grammarly is capable of detecting some common mistakes that humans, even after several times of proofreading is unable to point out. This feature makes this app so very popular in the market, especially for the writers and bloggers, who are compelled to deal in contents on a regular basis and even the slightest of a mistake appears to be a humiliating one for the entire blog. Here are some of the detections:

  • Ease of use: Grammarly

Grammarly is absolutely simple and easy to use, and that is certainly a brighter side to its growing popularity. A user can either use Grammarly Microsoft office or an online dashboard which works pretty much similar to that of Google Docs. You can even opt for installing the Grammarly Chrome plugin. One can even choose the option of logging in to the tool via any web browser. When you open the dashboard of the grammar checker, you have the option to open a new document and start writing on that page. In case your content is already written, you can simply choose the option to copy paste your work and opt for analysis of the content. Just like word, it will mark all your errors, and the best part is you will get a clear explanation of your mistakes so that you get an opportunity to rectify and work upon those errors.

  • Grammarly helps in identifying confused prepositions

Prepositions are quite confusing, and though we think certain prepositions agree with the rest of the sentence, they may stand out to be a grammatical error. In that case, Grammarly Premium provides you suitable prepositions and alternatives in respect to your mistake.

  • Overuse of passive voice

In order to increase the readability score, it is essential to frame sentences in active voice as sentences in passive voice tend to reward a lower readability score and is also not good for SEO purpose. Thus, Grammarly detects the excessive usage of passive voice in the content so that you can correct them accordingly.

  • Overused words/Worldliness

There are times when the content detects a repetitive word. Excessive use of a word in the overall content makes it uninteresting. Grammarly detects such issues and lets you find alternative options to it.

Common writing mistakes or punctuation

Writing mistakes such as misplaced apostrophes, semicolons and punctuation marks are quite common. Yet, all these errors affect the content in a really bad way. Grammarly helps you work out with all those issues so that you can correct them easily.

  • Spelling mistakes

A writer is generally not bad at playing with words. He or she is certainly potent of spellings. Yet, we tend to get stuck at several words and come out with a spelling error. Grammarly detects such errors more efficiently.

Since I love to pour my thoughts and feelings into the white paper, I have been into this writing profession for quite a long span of time. Taking up Grammarly, I was astonished to find out some of my bad habits at writing which so far was something “go easy” for me. Truly, Grammarly points out every fine error in order to tune up a writer’s content.

No matter how long you have been in this writing field, Grammarly is sure to prove as a good tool for each and every writer. You can witness the difference in your writing skills yourself; I myself have seen an amazing upliftment in the standard of the draft.

Review of Grammarly Web Version:

Of course, working with the browser extension is pretty simple, and it also saves a lot of time since the scan is done in real-time. However, you cannot use this extension if you are a student or an article writer who has to do the project and make the submission in some other format such as in Word file. In that case, you need to check the errors using the web interface of Grammarly. Here are the steps to find the mistakes and start the proofreading:

  1. Create your account with Grammarly. You may opt for the free version as well.
  2. Log in to your dashboard.
  3. Now, you can either copy paste the document by clicking on the New button or upload the entire document by clicking on the Upload button.
  4. Once you have pasted or uploaded the document in the editor area, Grammar checker will proofread the article to fix your errors.
  5. Now, simply make the corrections by clicking on the right words that will be shown on the very right side of the dashboard in order to make your article error-free.

Grammarly Add-In for Microsoft products

Just as you log in to your account, you will see a notification that says you to Download the Microsoft Add-In for Word and Outlook.

*This option would be available to you only if you are using the Premium version of Grammarly, it won’t be seen in the free version.

To download the Add-In Setup file and proceed, follow the steps below:

Download the Add-In setup file on your computer and install it like you install any other software or follow these steps:

  1. Double-click on the setup file. (.exe file)
  2. Select both Microsoft Word and Outlook. Now, click on Install.
  3. Log in using your Grammarly account credentials (email and password) to activate the add-in after it has been installed successfully.
  4. Now, whenever you would open Microsoft Word or Outlook, you will see Grammarly option visible in the Menu bar.

Is Grammarly better than a human proofreader?

Many of us have got this question in mind whether Grammarly is more efficient than a human proofreader. The answer is “No.” Grammarly overlooks all such mistakes, such as a squinting modifier. It is also inefficient to provide a feedback that a human proofreader would provide.

However, with the recent update to the app, Grammarly, at present offers a feature wherein you can use the Grammarly dashboard to send your content to a human proofreader. You shall cost in USD per word. The professional proofreader will check your content and help you to deal with the mistakes thoroughly.

Is Grammarly good for you?

Definitely yes, it can never be a waste to you in any way. In case English is not your first language, you can use Grammarly to detect your errors everytime you opt for it! It also provides you the option to change your preferences from British English to the US and vice versa. Grammarly checks grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and spellings quite faster. Even if English is your first language, Grammarly will help you check the finer errors of your content. Also, Grammarly is helpful for university or school students who have batches of work, projects or assignments to check and submit.

Grammarly clears your fundamental concepts of grammar as well as acts as a measure of defense that you can use to enhance the accuracy of your book, blog post or article.

Should You rely on a Grammar checker tool?

It’s important to do not rely on a grammar checker tool, it can make you habitual of using it, chances are that you might be writing on a paper with a pen and you will struggle to write with correct spelling and grammar,

In the virtual world, you get used to it and lazy to write correct spelling and leaving it on a grammar checker to correct it for you,

It’s a bad practice and you should not just rely on a software,

Having good intention to write spelling and grammar correct is the best way, now if you commit errors, you should learn from them before correcting them.

Let me know in the comment section if you can add more tips on this.

Is Grammarly worth the pay?

Though I always prefer a human proofreader more than a tool, still an extra set of digital eyes is not bad. The browser extension is one of the best features of this application that marks your errors and helps you to fix them, every time you are posting a Facebook status or tweeting something. I, myself opt for using the Grammarly Chrome plugin to check all sorts of social media posts and emails to avoid the silly mistakes. You may have the extension installed in both cases if you are using the free version or the paid one. You can go for the Grammarly online subscription if you think your intensity of usage is quite high. I personally did it as I was quite satisfied with the free one. Also, I needed it since I am often engaged in dealing with articles and blog posts. Definitely, the Grammarly Premium or paid version is worth the pay! Though every single person may not feel its requirement, it is certainly a useful and affordable tool for every writer.


  • Excellent grammar knowledge base
  • Works really well for authors who self-publish
  • A good tool to go for the new writers and the non-native English speakers
  • The user can choose to switch from the US to British English and vice versa


  • It is certainly not a replacement for an education option or a human proofreader
  • Users may step back for paying $111 annually

My personal experience with Grammarly:

Grammarly has helped me in my career by quite a prominent margin. It has tripled my writing skills as it does not only point out errors but also offers explanations to it, so that we can identify the types of errors and avoid making them from then on. Honestly, I was blown away by the way Grammarly did pick the errors that I thought was good to do, but they were actually quite vital to ruin the content.

Grammarly offers much more than what it promises. I will recommend every writer, blogger, and student to start using this tool and share your experience with us. If you are using any other tool such as Grammarly or has encountered any trouble with it ever, I would love hearing about them too in our comment section!

Grammarly Review
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If this Grammarly Review hasn’t convinced you yet, Try the Free Chrome extension and see for yourself.
Grammarly is the best grammar checker you’ve got in 2018, it just does the proofreading work for you, Catches the mistakes in your writing so you don’t get embarrassed.
I think it’s worth paying for this grammar checker because the free version doesn’t have that many advanced features.