The Ultimate Guide to Using Grammarly For Open Office

Installing Grammarly for Open Office is actually not that hard. You will have to create a user’s account in order to use Grammarly on OpenOffice.

If you have already downloaded Open Office on your computer. The next step you need to take is to create your Grammarly account.

Grammarly signup

Log in with your Grammarly account and begin using it by uploading your documents on the Grammarly editor.

You can upload the document from OpenOffice to Grammarly.

Simply copy the desired text and paste it in the given blank text writing area. Grammarly will begin correcting your spelling and grammar mistakes.

I have Microsoft office and installing Grammarly, the guide has almost similar steps.

Benefits of using Grammarly in open office:

As we have discussed above, it is very necessary to get the right message across in any dealings you make in your personal, students, and professional life.

Business transactions require more concise documents which carry precise instructions. For example, in memos, letters of intent, or instructions and, most significantly, in the allocations of any contract. 

open office templates
grammarly editor

With the advancement in technology, we have a solution to this problem. We can use a grammar checker for spelling and grammar checks instead of having lots of dictionaries or thesauruses or hitting the books. 

Grammarly, A better Choice for OpenOffice Users:

Grammarly is the world’s most popular and most used grammar checker. It is the first choice for most corporate professionals, teachers, students, and bloggers.

open office download page

Grammarly uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and misused words with unmatched accuracy. It is the ultimate software that improves your text, just as a human reviewer would do.

The software was launched in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider. It has its headquarter in San Francisco, California. Grammarly launched its beta version of the browser extension in 2018, optimizing Google Docs. 

Grammarly benefits you from single-click proofreading whenever or wherever you type so that you can improve your writing skills and learn from your grammar mistakes.

Since OpenOffice’s word processor doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker, then believe it, Grammarly will be the best choice for you.

Grammarly allows you to write down clearly, confidently, and mistake-free written material. Advanced features such as the synonyms tool assist you to improve your vocabulary, spell check words and enhance your writing – from emails to social media posts.

Once you upload your content from OpenOffice, it will automatically run against every existing grammatical error within seconds, creating it the most sophisticated yet fastest grammar checker you’ll ever come across in your lifetime.

Grammarly uses innovative technology to detect grammar and spell errors in sentences and correct them with unmatched accuracy.

From singular vs. plural errors to the foremost sophisticated sentence or tense usage errors, Grammarly picks up on mistakes and corrects them.

Checking your grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors has never been so easier and faster.

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