5 Reasons Grammar Checkers can improve Website Ranking

If you run a website then there is a very high chance that you would want to improve its ranking, get more traffic and reach a broader audience. I present to you a simple solution: Grammar Checkers. These nifty programs can check your grammatical correctness, or proofread anything you write by making use of something called Natural Language Processing. They can also detect plagiarism which can be really helpful for a number of reasons that I will get into later in this article. They can also enhance the vocabulary of what you write. The best thing about Grammar Checkers is that they are mostly free and easily available! Grammarly, Ginger software and Paper Rater are examples of some popular applications.
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Here’s a list of reasons of how you can improve your website’s ranking by using Grammar Checkers:

1) Credibility:

When people look for websites that they would like to regularly visit they look at things like grammar to judge the quality of the text. If, god forbid, someone finds a grammatical error on your website they don’t take it seriously and just sort that website into the list of websites that they wouldn’t like to visit. The audience does not take the content of your website seriously if they see something as trivial as grammar incorrect; it’s just a cognitive bias people tend to have. You can also utilize the plagiarism tool of a grammar checker to make sure what you’re putting on your website hasn’t been done before. People hate content that they’ve seen before. You don’t want to unwittingly do something that’s been done before and damage your website’s credibility because people actively search for fresh and original content.

2) Effective Communication:

Language is the main tool you to communicate with people on your website so it is important that it is clear and concise. Grammar Checkers can make sure that whatever that is written on your website is free from errors. You can also use the vocabulary enhancement feature on grammar checkers to make the writing on your website seem richer. Maintaining an effective communication with your audience will keep it engaged and willing to visit regularly.

3) Efficiency:

Proofreading takes a lot of time, and sometimes you even have to proofread whatever you publish on your website multiple times. This can be a cumbersome task and it can take a lot of your time, and perhaps even money if you hire people to proofread what you write. Grammar checkers can save your time, allowing you to have more time to publish more content which will bring more people to your website. You can save the money you spend on the service of proofreading and instead use that money to advertise your website more and hence increase your traffic.

4) You aren’t limited if English is not your first language:

Isn’t English your first language? That’s okay; most of the world doesn’t speak English. Grammar checkers can allow you to maintain your website’s quality despite the fact that you aren’t fluent in English. Grammar Checkers are smart and can easily get what you intend to write and they can fix the mistakes you made. So if you only used to publish your website in your native language because you felt that you couldn’t write properly in English, you don’t have to worry about it now, thanks to grammar checkers. English has become the language of the internet, and by being able to put content in proper English on your website can be a game changer as you can reach a broader audience and aren’t limited by language whatsoever. This will surely increase your traffic by an order of a magnitude.

5) Search Engine Visibility:

We know that search engines utilize certain algorithms, and whenever people google something, Google looks for certain words or certain phrases present on other websites. If your website has the content someone was looking for but was poorly phrased or grammatically incorrect, it’s unlikely that Google would pick it up. So you are losing out here on a large amount of traffic if you are to publish something that is grammatically incorrect. By using grammar checkers you make sure that your website is free from these errors and is easily detected by Google and other search engines. Your website would then show up more regularly on the results page and hence your audience would be larger than ever.

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