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Get rid of text that sounds like some machine wrote it.

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Say goodbye to tiny grammatical mistakes that go unnoticed.

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Get your results within seconds and save time.

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Covers all dialects, including UK, USA, Australian, and more.

Why Do I Need an Essay Checker?

You’ve spent countless hours researching and writing your essay. The last thing you want is to spend more hours correcting it. Grammar Lookup can help you with that by correcting every grammatical mistake in your essays and papers, removing all the plagiarism, and making it sound human. 

Our tool uses advanced AI technology to efficiently check your essays for grammatical errors, AI content, and plagiarism. The result? Essays that are ready to impress your professor and help you get good grades. 

How Will Grammar Lookup Check My Essay?

Our essay checker can help you by:

Detecting AI

Don’t want your essay to look like an AI tool wrote it? Detect AI-like phrasing with our AI essay checker and see how much percent of it sounds like AI.  

Catching Unwanted Plagiarism

The last thing you (and your professor) want in your essay is plagiarism. With our essay plagiarism checker, that won’t be a problem. Just check for plagiarism and see how much of it was accidentally resembling other people or websites.

Removing Grammatical Mistakes

No one likes to read a paragraph full of typos and small mistakes that make your head spin. And you surely wouldn’t want it in your essay! Our tool is trained on 300+ grammar points to instantly catch every little grammatical error. You’ll be able to see and correct every grammatical mistake in your essay in just one click.

How Does the Essay Checker Detect Grammatical Mistakes?

Avoids Punctuation Problems

The tool efficiently detects errors in your text to refine it with appropriate punctuation suggestions. Be it a period, a comma, an apostrophe, or a colon, the tool corrects it!

Prevents Spelling Errors and Typo

Review your work with our free essay grammar checker to identify and correct spelling or typo mistakes and turn in error-free work!

Improves Clarity

The key to quality writing is clarity. Our checker ensures that your sentences are easy to understand and well-structured. Thus making your message more effective.

Covers All English Dialects

We’ve got all of English’s dialects covered, from American to British,  Australian, and more. This smart paper checker understands the punctuation rules of each dialect. This ensures that your writing is always up to the mark.

Why It’s Outstanding


When you proofread your essay, you may not catch every instance of a style choice or mistake. You may capitalize a term at the start of an essay, but not do it at the end. But with this paper checker, you’ll get consistent results every time.

Super Easy to Use 

Using Grammar Lookup’s essay checker is as easy as a piece of cake. Simply type or paste your text into our checker, press “detect AI content” or “check plagiarism” and voila! And it shows grammatical errors instantly as you enter the text, no need to even click a button. 


Students often ask their family or friends if they can “check my essay?” But some mistakes are so common that they can go unnoticed easily. With our essay checker, you can always catch and correct every little error.

Good grades come from good writing, and Grammar Lookup’s college essay checker is what you need to:

Save Your Time

Essay writing can be tedious and time-consuming. Our essay checker saves your precious hours by acting like the first line of defense against those pesky grammar issues. 

Become a Better Writer And Researcher

Writing an essay that doesn’t just look and sound good, but is loved by your professor isn’t easy. And you can only get better at it when you have two things. A lot of practice, and a robust and tested paper checker like Grammar Lookup’s Essay Checker. 

Which Types of  Essays Does Grammar Lookup’s Essay Checker Correct?


Check if your evidence is correct and written properly.

Textual Analysis

Make sure you understand the text and support your ideas well.


Improve how your story reads and flows smoothly.


See if your explanation makes sense and your essay is well-organized.


Make your descriptions more vivid and grammatically accurate.

Our Essay Checker has Helped 5000+ Students Graduate

“This is the best free punctuation checker. It helps me get my punctuation right, whether I’m working on essays or research papers. Plus, it’s super easy to use, which is a big plus for a busy student like me!”

– Sarah H

“As a content creator who caters to a global audience, I needed a tool that could handle different English dialects. This punctuation checker is a game-changer. It ensures my punctuation is spot-on, regardless of the English variant I’m using. Highly recommended!”

– Emily M

“This tool is super easy to use and has been a big help with my assignments and emails. It corrects my punctuation and has made my writing better!”

– Mark S

Use Grammar Lookup’s free essay checker and get an A+ on every essay you write. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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