Top 10 Most Controversial Essay Topics of 2018

Topics usually become controversial when people have opposing values and interests, when they strongly conflict about statements, assertions, or actions. In addition, when the issue covers some particular sensitivity, or when they provoke an emotional reaction. These topics might relate to events in the past, a current state of the affair or to some future preferred outcome.

As we wave off 2018, the media is already reporting upon key topics that will define the coming year.  These issues consist of women’s rights, unions, sexual harassment, the tax code, DACA healthcare, prescription drug abuse, cryptocurrency, and many others.  Considering secondary English students, an important part of education is to involve students in thinking through these issues to formulate sound opinions and support their ideas with valid evidence.  After all, the students are our future leaders who will be participating in what the world will become.  Teachers, serve a crucial role in shaping their ability to think critically and exploit language to affect change.

Controversial topics work well for essays because they typically evoke strong opinions on both sides. When you choose to write about a controversial topic, you should learn to play devil’s advocate and become familiar with the arguments of the other side. This helps grow your critical thinking skills and helps you better support your position on an issue. When you are capable to think critically and understand all points of view, you have a much-improved chance of engaging your audience.

The following list contains Ten most controversial essay topics of 2018 for students in order to get them interacting with key issues facing our nation this year.

Social Media Regulation

Troll farms have made impression on the press over the past year. Particularly, in regard to their roll in snooping with the 2016 Presidential election.  The U.S. government is starting to investigate possible propaganda stretch through both Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to understand the possibility of the issue and how best to take action in the future. The social media platforms have already made development in preventing or removing such content, such moderation is not only possible but preferable to government interference. Social media platforms have formerly leaned towards no moderation at all, which, unlike a newspaper that chooses what news to publish, meant the platforms had no legal liability. Recent laws directed at social media have that changing — in Germany, social networks could pay up to $60 million in fines if hate speech isn’t removed within 24 hours.

The Year Of The Women

This year is called the “Year of the Woman,” by the press, punctuated by the influential speech delivered by Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Golden Globes.  But the question is:  why now?  How did this revolution come about?  And is this “new horizon” for women legitimate?  Is it the mark of real change?  Lots to think about this issue! Although record-shattering figures of women waging campaigns at the House, Senate and statewide executive levels, women will still lag far at the back of men in the fraction of those elected offices they occupy.

Sexual Harassment

Over the span of the past year, victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault from corner to corner, form industries have come forward to tell their stories and speak their truths.  These cases have traditionally been taboo to share and discuss, but “the time is up” to keep these secrets concealed in the past.  Questions still remain about how we can stop these incidences from taking place firstly. However Sexual Harassment law was never designed to protect women from merely feeling uncomfortable. In a typical workday, men and women alike face several sources of discomfort: atheists face clerks wearing crosses; able-bodied people face colleagues in wheelchairs; Fundamentalist Muslims and Jews face professors dressed with arms and legs exposed; the infertile face coworkers’ desks with photos of their kids, and parents are given time off for parenting events such as piano recitals.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse remained the number one killer among all other drugs– legal and illegal.  Whereas this problem has flatlander over the past year, it still continues to linger a chronic issue. In recent times, the use of synthetic opioids has blast upwards, and the need to sponsor drug addiction treatment is at an all-time high.  But how can we prevent prescription drug abuse altogether?  Drug utilization among the older generation (aged 40 years and older) has been increasing at a faster rate than among those who are younger. This, although there is only partial data available, requires attention, the Report finds. People who went through adolescence at a time when drugs were popular and widely available are more likely to have tried drugs and, perhaps, to have continued using them.

DACA & Dreamers

One of the main issues facing the U.S. Congress throughout the first part of this year is whether or not to deport the so-called “Dreamers.”  The Dreamers are made up of individuals who were brought into this country unlawfully as minors.  President Trump has repealed DACA which provided shelter for this group of individuals, but the question still residue if, when, and how this group of people will be affected by the legislation yet to come. Democrats and some Republicans state that they want to help out the “Dreamers,” young immigrants who have lived in the U.S. illegally since they were children and have only for the time being been protected from deportation by an Obama-era program.

The Reform

As promised, the bill once known as The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act arrived on President Donald Trump’s desk before Christmas. However, in a plot weave that had to do with archaic Senate rules, the Senate’s recognized Byrd Rule forced Senate Republicans to change the bill’s name and abolish two of its anticipated provisions before taking a vote, so the House had to re-approve.

The effects of tax reform on the economy are impulsive. The increase in long-run productivity depends importantly on the comprehensiveness of the tax base and the level of the tax rate. Replacing income tax system with a comprehensive consumption tax may show the way to increase economic competitiveness. Underconsumption tax, reduction in the cost of capital should show the way to boost in investment. This makes the capital flows as this is an efficient way to amplify tax revenue in the global economy. Interest rates would also be inferior.


Should the military be allowed to use enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, to gain information from suspect terrorists? In 2008 an executive order was Signed by President Obama banning the use of torture by the U.S military and CIA. In 2016 the use of torture became a topic during the presidential race when then-candidate and now Donald Trump suggested it should be used against the Islamic states. Any process of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is an offence to human dignity and shall be predestined as a denial of the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and as a human rights violation and fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


It’s been a huge year for bitcoin, and it could go bigger soon. As 2018 waves off with talk of Ripple and other cryptocurrencies soaring in value, it is outlined that a decentralized cryptocurrency will celebrate its tenth birthday. What lies additional on bitcoin as it enters its the second decade? Although many talks of bitcoin as a bubble, some analysts consider the price could go 10 times higher over the coming year. Whether that’s a good thing is an entirely other question. Another part of the concern is the futures market. The Chicago Board Options Exchange last month started allowing traders to consent on contracts based on the future predicted price. But following a much-hyped start, concerns have been raised about the low number of contracts

Reusable energy

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has put out to generate comprehensive, reliable data sets on renewable energy capacity and utilize worldwide. The Statistics of 2018 Renewable Energy yearbook shows datasets on the renewable power-generation capacity for 2008-2017, renewable power generation for 2008-2016 and renewable energy balances for about 120 countries and areas for 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, it features statistics on investments in renewable energy compiled from the OECD-DAC database and 20 major multilateral, bilateral and national development financial institutions, presented for the period 2009-2016.


Having already unwavering in Citizens United that corporations are people, the Supreme Court resolute in May that people, at least working people of vulnerable status, can be prevented from acting like corporations. In three consolidated cases involving uncertain wage claims, the Court ruled that employers can force workers to accept individual settlement instead of joining together in class-action lawsuits. Writing for the majority, Trump-appointed justice Neil Gorsuch maintained that the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act was more applicable to the cases at hand than the 1935 National Labor Relations Act, which asserts that workers have a right to “concerted activities” for the intention of “mutual aid or protection.”


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