5 Best Ways to Check Blog Post for Grammar and Spelling

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The blog post on Grammarlookup.com is about to mention you best 5 methods with the help of which you can improve your English and can help you to Check Blog Posts for Grammar and Spellings

Ways to Check Blog Posts for Grammar and Spellings

Google Grammar check Tools

The 1st method which is most easily accessible is to use Online Tools who are capable enough to analyze your writing and let you know about your mistakes. They are capable of pointing out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well. Grammarlookup.com is an amazing website which has two capabilities. 1st it allows you to test your written document to point out any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your document. 2nd it’s full of information about itself as well as the importance of using such tools to make your writing even more professional and error free. So this is not only an informative website but also an online tool to check your errors. Try this online tool and start learning from your mistakes.

 Grammarly Premium Proofreader

The most widely used tool in the world regarding spell check and a grammatical error indication is Grammarly. It won’t be wrong to say that it has captured the biggest chunk of the market. The reason is that it’s free and easily accessible. Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly. You just need to paste your content or upload the file and it will point out all errors for you. It’s an easy tool to use. If you want to test your writing skills at the best level of English grammar, you just need to pay a very little amount to get a subscription to its premium version.
The best part about Grammarly is that it is also available in extension version. You just need to download this free extension and add it to your Word Processing software and then it can be used to analyze your document. So no doubt it’s one of the best ways to start pointing out errors in your blog posts and learning from your errors without paying a single penny.

Take Online Tests

Next best method to improve your English skills and avoiding mistakes in your writings is to start taking free online tests. The best bit about this method is that you need to start learning and giving the test at the same time. It’s just like you give any exam in your school, college or university. You need to practice these tests as much as you can.
There are a lot of websites available on the internet which can allow you to take these tests for free. These tests are available for learning about 3 different levels including Beginner, Mediocre, and Professional. The more you struggle, the more you practice and the more you’ll be benefited. So start taking these tests, improve your writing skills and earn money.

Make Notebook

There is no doubt that your mistake is your biggest teacher. The person who understands and learns from his mistakes is supposed to be a wise man. To commit a mistake is not a big deal but not to learn from it is itself a big mistake. If you’re writing on the internet and using any assisting software like Grammarly and you find that you’ve made any grammatical error. 1st of all try to rectify it. 2nd understand your mistake and write it in a separate notebook. The reason is that when you’ll write your mistakes by your hand as well as their solution, this will store into your mind and you will never ever make that mistake again in your career. So, go to the market, grab a new separate Notebook for yourself and make yourself a better blog writer.

Choose Smart Word Processor

A free word processor is a software which a person uses to write his article or blog. One common example of a Word Processor is Microsoft Word. It’s not only an ordinary Word processor but a smart one. As you continuing writing your content, it will highlight any mistake you made by highlighting it with an underline. It points out Grammatical as well as spelling mistakes. That’s one of the coolest and easiest methods to remove your mistakes while you’re writing. After finishing your content, just copy it and paste it on the blog publishing site.

Free Grammar And Punctuation Check!

Grammarlookup uses artificial intelligence to check grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing, eliminate spelling errors, and highlight 1000s of style issues to make your writing exceptional.

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