Capitalization in Titles: General Rules & Best Practices

Look at the title above. Can you notice that some words are capitalized while others are not?

Capitalization in titles matters. However, this is something we are in a habit of ignoring so much that now for most of us it really doesn’t matter how the title is written. But, do you think you are right?

Capitalization in Titles

Capitalization can affect the credibility of your article at various levels.

The title is the first thing that a reader will read. The way you have created the title and how you have capitalized it is sending a message to your readers. It shows how good you are at your work.

You can go through different blogs written by different writers. Just look at the titles. I bet most of the articles you will go through will have poor capitalization in the title. This is because nobody really cares about them.

But, from now work on your title. In the best way how you can gain your reader’s trust is through your title. These are the first words that will catch people’s eyes.

Does Capitalization In Title Really Matters?

Well, if you are writing a research paper then yes, it does. Because your professor might have set a particular in which he wants to see the title. In that case, it would be a sin to refrain from that style.

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But, while writing casually we ignore the tile often. In that case, you are not ignoring the title you are ignoring the credibility of your work. No matter which style you follow, but all the titles of your work should be based on a particular style.

To help you understand here are the basic rules of capitalization you should know.

Rules to Follow:

Like other things in grammar capitalization of the title also have some basic rules. Life will be easy if you stick with them. Just use these simple tricks in your writing and you will start feeling the difference.

There are two styles you can follow includes Title case and Sentence Case.

Title Case:

Title case is one of the most used styles for capitalization of titles. There are certain rules in it you have to abide by in order to make your article title looks perfect and error-free.

To get you started here are few rules good to keep in mind before writing.

What You Should Capitalize?

Rule #1

The first rule to remember is that you have to always write the first word and the last word of the title in Upper Case.

For example:

How to start your Career?

Things you should know.

Rule #2

The second rule that is important is that all the proper nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in the title should be capitalized.

Rule #3

The third and final rule is that you have to capitalize all that is greater than 5 letters. Now, it doesn’t matter in which category they fall. If they have letters greater than 4 they need to be written in upper case.

What You Shouldn’t Capitalize?

Now there are words that need not be capitalized at all. These words have to be written in lower case when used in the title. Below are the rules that can help you with that.

Rule #1

Never capitalize conjunctions. This was the old saying. Now according to the new style of writing you don’t have to capitalize conjunctions that have fewer than 4 letters. The rest of them needs to be written in the upper case as we have mentioned before.

Rule #2

The second rule is the articles have to be written in lower case. They don’t need to be written in capitalized form.

For example:

It was a Great Adventure.

These were some important rules that are used when writing a header of your book or article in a title case.

Sentence Case:

Title case is not the only style of creating a title. Sentence case is also used by some writers. Even it is becoming popular among many writers. In sentence case, the title is written in the form of a sentence. It is commonly used while writing a web page or a newspaper article.

Here are the rules while writing in sentence cases.

Rule #1

The first rule is that only the first word of the title starts with a capital letter.

For example:

Best writing tools.

Rule #2

If you are using any pronoun in it, then it needs to be capitalized.

Capitalize pronouns, such as the word western, This example is explained.

For example:

A visit to the Temple of Oz.

These were some common rules and writing styles that are being followed. No matter which style you are following it’s up to you. But, the thing that matters is that you should be consistent in that. All the written pieces should be on the same framework and structured in the same way.

Start Practicing:

Nothing can be achieved without spending extra time on it. To make your titles perfect, you need to keep on practicing. Just follow these simple rules whenever you write an article and you will see the change.

You can even go to your favorite blogger’s page and see if they have created the title in the right way or not. Believe me, you see that most of them have created something different from what we call style.

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