10 Free Scrivener Alternatives For Writers

Technology keeps on pacing up and providing feasible and innovative solutions for everyday life problems. It hasn’t spared any space for writers as well with programs such as Scrivener.

Scrivener boasts a full comprehensive user interface along with many editorial and organizational elements that can make research and writing a lot easier.

However, the sad part is that it doesn’t come without a price which unluckily some of us might not consider the best option.

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Nevertheless, worry not since we are here with 10 free Scrivener alternatives that will get the job done for you. 

Scrivener free and download details

A little About Scrivener:

Particularly made for writers and authors, Scrivener assists in keeping all your information organized and accessories.

It permits you to keep all your research references and notes in one place. Likewise, it also has an assortment of scripts, stories, and article format templates ready to be used.

Moreover, it also keeps your files organized keeps your index card aligned in special outlines titled Cockboards, and avoids mistakes.

Last but not least, the split and full-screen features are of a lot of help when you want to edit multiple documents simultaneously.

Perks Of Scrivener:

  • 12 different keyboard designs
  • Variety of organizational elements to keep your content and storyboard well-structured
  • Equipped with premium writing and proofreading tools
  • Provides full access on both Mac and Android devices

Setbacks of Scrivener:

  • Gives a hard time for beginners
  • Allows limited file sharing
  • Doesn’t upholds Grammarly extension
  • Compatibility issue between Windows and Mac.

So, keeping all these reviews and issues, we have hand-selected a list of the 10 best Scrivener free alternatives based on people’s reviews. Let’s see if these programs fulfill your writing requirements.

10 Free Scrivener Alternatives

1. Manuskript:

Manuskript document editor

Manuskript is a preferred choice for novel writers since the task requires a completely focused environment. It is loaded with all the tools that you would want to keep your writing and notes organized in a place.

Additionally, it keeps note of your plot and characters and also offers full access on Windows, Mac, and Android.


  • Gives character suggestions
  • Summarizes paragraphs
  • Reorganize and edit different clasps of the story
  • Allows you to upload documents from external sources


  • The program needs a few changes and is still working

2. Quoll Writer:

quoll writer intro

Another smooth and powerful alternative to Scrivener we have is Quoll Writer

It functions admirably for story and screenwriters with its minimalistic and comprehensive user interface that is surprisingly loaded with features more than you would require at any point.

Moreover, it also flaunts a few more impressive features such as detecting grammatical errors and writing issues. Adding tracking links and small descriptions for each chapter is also one of its many features.


  • Timer to help you write fast
  • Word count indication
  •  Well structured management
  • Spell checks and thesaurus


  • Java based editor

3. Bibisco:

Bibisco writing software

Like Manuskript, Bibisco is another Scrivener-free alternative that is well-suited for writing novels. It boasts a simple user interface that is equipped with tools that keep your story structured.

It’s an explicit application that implies that it can be accessed and used freely without taking in any load if downloading it.

Bibisco has two versions, one is the community version which is free of cost whereas the other one is the supporters’ edition which comes along with a price.

However, the performance of both the free and premium versions is satisfactory enough.


  • Review your story characters and provides edit wherever necessary
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Prevents all distractions
  • Provides a quick export and sharing in the form of pdf, epub, or doc format


  • Requires a lot of clicking to get things done
  • A few users complained of malfunctioning

4. Google Docs:

Google docs software
  • Google Docs:

One of my most preferred and used one’s Scrivener alternatives, Google Docs works perfectly for anyone who prefers a more hassle-free environment.

It lets you work in peace since the menu is straightforward to work with. A few things that are worth noticing are that it allows you to search on Google without having to leave your document and also provides spell checks and write-up errors


  • Easy to use
  • Completely free of cost
  • Easy sharing
  • Auto saves your document


  • lacks a few elements
  • Doesn’t autosave when offline

5. SmartEdit Writer:

smart edit software

Previously known as Atomic Scribbler, this free Scrivener Alternative makes research work and note-taking a lot easier. Also, the tree structure makes it a first-hand choice when it comes to project management.

What bought it in the battleground with Scrivener is its amazing tools and the number of analytics and reports it offers. However, it doesn’t have all that Scrivener got for its users. It isn’t a bad choice, especially considering that it doesn’t cost you a penny.


  • Provides data compilation on a single click
  • Prevents redundancy in the sentences
  • Editing tools save a lot of time
  • Points out punctuation errors
  • Suitable for new writers


  • It’s not compatible with Mac and apple devices

6. Apollo Pad:

apollopad novel writing

If you are willing to write your story with minimal distractions, give this Scrivener alternative a try. ApolloPad is an underdog Writing software, giving you peace of mind as you write your novel. Its text editor is so simple and does a great job.

ApolloPad imports projects from PDF, Word, or other formats and exports your work to PDF, ebook, Markdown, doc, and more. It also provides automated backups to your own personal Dropbox. Apart from managing project timelines, outlines, characters, locations, and objects, it can upload photos and reorganize them.

Pros of Apollo Pad:

  • Writer-friendly tools
  • Packed with tools
  • Daily word counter and timer
  • Project timelines
  • Status update (green if everything’s okay and red in case of server unavailability)
  • Contextual notes
  • Export options (e.g., PDF, HTML, ePub).

Cons of ApolloPad:

  • The interface takes time to familiarize.

7. Zoho:

zoho writing software

Zoho is one of the best highlighted Scrivener alternatives. It is a desirable word processor on the market with its keyboard shortcuts. It’s also free.

The list of benefits is going to belong, so let’s get into it without wasting any time. Zoho Writer is a powerful word processor compatible with all of your devices.

You can collaborate with your teammates in real time and create elegant, inspiring documents for free.

Pros of Zoho

Best known for its multiple keyboard shortcuts, Zoho is another Scrivener alternative on our list.

It has gotten a lot similar to the mighty Scrivener and that is why it is one of the most wanted programs in the market nowadays.

However, the main thing that took us by surprise was how effortlessly you can collaborate with your partners and friends and create projects together.


  • Works offline as well
  • Smooth workflow
  • Allows you to save files in the Cloud
  • Zia, the writing assistant present at all times for your help


  • The customer support isn’t as  expected

Cons of Zoho:

  • Mediocre Customer Support

8. Zettlr:

zettler writing

Zettler is a slim, fast, versatile, and supercharged markdown editor who focuses on connecting pieces of information using state-of-the-art methodology. It features dark mode out of the box due to its design flexibility.

Zettler is a perfect explanation for your problems if you are looking for an initiative fast-paced and comprehensive free Scrivener Alternative. It brings into use the state-of-the-art methodology to link your story elements together.

It also lets you make personalized themes to make you comfortable in the workplace and also Zettler is well known for pacing up your work speed.

All in all, the final director would be perfect for anyone looking for extra assistance in journalism and research work.


  • User friendly
  • Perfect for college students as well.
  • Let’s you cite with Zettler
  • Assists in the search algorithm


  • Slow

9. FocusWriter:

focus writer

Down to number 9, Focus Writer is another free Scrivener alternative but it is a lot more essential than it.

Rather than being accessorized heavily, the Focus writer only has a few useful tools hidden well behind the interface and only comes into view when the user needs them.

Moreover, it provides a minimalistic and distraction-free environment that is preferable for novel and story writers.


  • Free
  • Simple user interface
  • Auto saving
  • Gives a timer and alerts


  • Limited typesettings

10. yWriter:

ywriter software

At last Scrivener alternatives, we have Living Writer, it’s an expertly designed software and flaunts a very intuitive user interface.

To ease things for the user, it also alternates the units as scenes and helps you link, replace, and organize them by other elements of your story

It also entertains its users with its logical tools that play well in formulating your complicated tasks into doable ones.

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  • No distractions with the user interface
  • It lets you save in both Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile apps sync well with the desktop version
  • Reliable


  • Lacks screenwriting tools

Wrapping up Scrivener alternatives:

As a writer, the atmosphere we use while writing and the tools we use have a deep impact on the content being produced. Thus we must be using an adequate editor that could address our needs quite well.

Scrivener does this job quite well but the price and learning curve can set some of it back

However, the free Scrivener alternatives discussed above are sure to serve you pleasingly and won’t leave you disappointed.

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