5 Grammarly Alternatives That are Completely Free

If you are a writer and you might want to make sure that your writing process is as smooth as silk and without any pain involved. You might want to get a grammer checker, but perhaps you’ve heard of the most popular one out there, grammarly, and you were not happy with it. Then you don’t have to give up on grammar checkers as a whole as there is a plethora to choose from. This is a list of 5 grammarly alternatives that are completely free and you might find some of them much more appealing than grammarly.Grammarly

1) Ginger Software:

Ginger software is perhaps one of the best grammar checkers available in the market. It has a vast selection of tools and available on iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Mac. Not only can you use it as a proofreading tool, but in fact you can even use it as replacement for your phone’s autocorrect, to which Ginger Software might be vastly superior. You can choose from American English, British English and Canadian English. The user interface is quite simple; the errors are highlighted and hovering your mouse over the highlighted region gives you a multitude of options.

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People are writing blogs for many years but over the past decade or two, it has increased to a great extent. People are earning handsomely by posting and writing blogs. Furthermore, the number of forums to write a blog on the internet has also increased so as the number of writers. But the main hurdle is that out of so many writers it has become difficult to find quality writers.

According to the blog writing experts a content which is free of every sort of errors. A content containing no spelling mistake or any grammatical error is known as Quality Content. Making mistakes is not a big thing since it’s the nature of every human being to commit mistakes, similarly, a content writer or blogger can also commit some. But on the other hand, the biggest blunder is not to rectify your mistakes or not to learn from them. So if a non-native Englishman will write the blog there are chances that he or she will commit some mistakes. These mistakes include Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes, and Punctuation mistakes.


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A human being is a social animal. It can’t survive without being socialized. It’s the fundamental right of everybody to get socialize and one can’t socialize without communicating with one another. For communication, you need a language to speak. There are many languages being spoken all around the globe. Almost every country has its own language while few have adopted any foreign language as their national language. For example, English is the language of Britain but it’s been spoken as a national language in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, and few others. So language is the most important factor in socializing. Few of the most spoken languages in the world include Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are topping the charts.

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Content writing is not an easy job to do. It doesn’t matter in which language you do it, but it requires a sound mind supported by big storage of information. Furthermore, the most important characteristic a writer needs to possess is the skill to understand the topic and to write it by having a strong command over the language. Similarly, if you’re an English writer and use to write a lot of stuff on the internet or anywhere else, you must need to have a good command over the language. So when you write your content, no one would be able to question the quality of that content, especially when it comes to the grammar.

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English is one of the oldest languages on this planet and that’s why it’s been used as a source of communication all over the world. Furthermore, it’s been spoken in about 100 countries while it’s been set as an international standard to communicate for political and strategic purposes. That’s why it’s important for the leaders of countries to have a strong command of English so that they could represent their nation at all international forums and could communicate their opinion in a much better and strong way.

Businesses in the modern world have become way more difficult because of lack of resources, tough competition, the introduction of new technologies and likewise. One of the biggest problems they face is a lack of effective and efficient human resource.


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A human being is doing trade and business since its voyage started on this earth because it’s one of the ways to earn your bread and butter. Businesses had been done on conventional basis since the beginning of the 1st decade of 21st century. With the introduction of Internet technology during the 20th century and Information technology at the beginning of 21st century. IT has influenced almost every sector and industry which ultimately also has affected all businesses. There are many new platforms has been opened to earn money. One of such platforms is Blogging and content writing. People are writing amazing blogs on the internet which have been read by a lot of other people which in turn became the source to earn money.